D.J. Monroe: A Star is Born

D.J. Monroe: A Star is Born

Does the Lonestar State have room for another star?

The University of Texas’s D.J. Monroe was the first week of college football season’s break-out player. The first time he ever touched the ball, the redshirt freshman and former track champ returned a kick-off 89 yards.

The craziest part is, he essentially came out of nowhere. Nobody had him penciled into the Longhorns’ backfield

Monroe also had nine carries for 64 yards and a touchdown. He adds game-changing ability every time he touches the ball from here on out. Where did this incredible weapon come from?

Monroe is originally from Angleton, Texas, which is a small town just outside of Houston. He dominated on both sides of the ball at Angleton High, and was originally projected to be a defensive back.

Here is a highlight reel of him making play after big time play as a cornerback for Angleton:


That reel showed that on top of his blazing speed, Monroe has preternatural instincts, a motor that never stops and great strength. It’s hard to believe that nobody was talking about this guy only two days ago.

Fair to say, that won’t happen again.

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