Michael Vick is Free…Again/FasterNFL 9-20

Michael Vick is Free...Again/FasterNFL 9-20

Am I the only one who feels like Michael Vick is released from one institution or another just about every week? It looks like he will become an absolutely free man today. Well, maybe not absolutely free. There is still that pesky parole situation. FasterNFL refuses to believe that within this great Utopia in which we live, there is a double standard for the rich and famous, but some people are already whining that Vick is getting special treatment. One thing is for sure: His creditors won’t care if he is under center or under the hood of a Chevy fixing spark plugs. They are going to want their money. And a lot of NFL teams and personalities are wondering if he is worth the trouble. Meanwhile, three NFL Hall of Famers think he has paid his debt to society and should be reinstated immediately. Mike Florio of USA Today not only thinks that Vick will play again, but he thinks Vick should demand a starting role. FasterNFL agrees that Vick should drive a hard bargain when he negotiates. But FasterNFL also thinks the teams he negotiates with should counter all of his arguments with, “True…true…you did lead an upset of Green Bay to get Atlanta into the NFC Championship Game back in ’03. But also, you tortured and killed doggies for your own profit and entertainment. How does punt-returner sound for starters?” FasterNFL definitely thinks Vick seems to have gone through all the hoops required in order to reenter society and earn a living. But that doesn’t mean potential employers shouldn’t consider past actions during the hiring process.

The Edmoton Sun reports Vike’s coach Brad Childress said Brett Favre looks fine in all of the recent video he has seen. On his end, Favre continues to share his passion with young boys in Mississippi. And USA Today examines whether or not Tavaris Jackson, who started at QB for the Vikings last year, has the leverage he needs to demand a trade if Favre ends up leading the charge in Minnesota. But the bleacher report says it ain’t gonna happen. Vikings All-Pro DE Jared Allen is starting to get annoyed by the whole thing. Welcome to two years ago, Jared. Just concentrate on late hitting the other 31 starting QB’s in the league, and I am sure everything will work out.

The LA times says besides TO’s abs and smile, the brand new “TO Show” has nothing else going for it. FasterNFL is shocked and devastated by the news. We were really expecting TO’s jock strap to end up in the Smithsonian next to Archie Bunker’s chair and Fonzie’s jacket. If the show is unwatchable, how will we ever know who TO’s secret celebrity crushes are? Luckily, that’s what we have Radaronline.com for. And speaking of crushes, what do you think this guy would do to a reporter’s face if he had ever been asked whether or not he would like to spend a night in Paris after spending an afternoon chasing Joe Namath around? I’m pretty sure Lambert would tell TO he had better just stay focused on whether or not his QB will be able to get him the damn ball.

The Houston Chronicle’s John McClain writes we should expect improvement from the Texans’ “D” with Frank Bush at the helm.

The Pack’s star WR Donald Driver is already running smack about the Bears’ receiving corp. And despite returning 11 punts for TD’s in his career, Devin Hester may soon relinquish his punt returning duties to concentrate on the WR position.

Yahoo’s “Shutdown Corner” keeps tabs on Pittsburgh’s offseason progress.

The Tampa Tribune features ex-Buc Marcus Jones’ role in this season’s “The Ultimate Fighter” on Spike TV.

Jeff Garcia continues to battle JaMarcus Russell for the starting job in Oaktown.

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