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TFT Interview: Slow Food’s Josh Viertel

Hannah Wallace |
When Josh Viertel took the helm at Slow Food USA in 2008, the organization had a reputation—at least in this country—as a club for foodies. Under Viertel’s leadership, though, ... ...read more

Hunger Pangs

Karen Coates |
Lo and behold, a scientist said it. “The problem of hunger in the world does not have anything to do with production.” Farmers can grow more food―but that doesn’t mean everyone... ...read more

Recipe: Umami Burger Bomb, Baby!

Jennifer Brulé |
Umami is recognized as the ‘fifth taste’; sweet, sour, salty, bitter and umami. Just as it is difficult to describe bitter or sour, umami is not easily explained, bu... ...read more

Recipe: Baked Vegetables with Smoked Mozzarella

Jennifer Brulé |
My love of smoked foods can be traced back to my family’s annual, summer trips to Colonial Williamsburg. Short of donning a hoop skirt and bonnet, my parents, siblings and... ...read more

San Diego Craft Beer Primer: What to Drink if You’re Not a Local

Lorraine Graham |
The American microbrew revolution of the 1970s began in the Pacific Northwest, but it’s flourishing in San Diego, where the oldest craft-breweries sprung up as recently as the... ...read more

Recipe: Baked Americana (Vegetarian)

Jennifer Brulé |
Who doesn’t like a baked pasta with crunchy crumbs on top? This dish is so classic, middle America. If you are from the midwest (or have a female relative who grew up ther... ...read more

Bison Times

Karen Coates |
Long ago, the average Blackfeet man ate 3-7 pounds of bison meat each day. That was back in an age of plentiful game, when up to 60 million buffalo thundered across the open pl... ...read more

Recipe: Creamy Mushroom, Fig and Gorgonzola Bruschetta

Jennifer Brulé |
Toast the bruschetta ahead of time. Make the mushroom/gorgonzola mixture up to several days in advance and stash in the fridge. A quick schmear then a broil, and you’ve go... ...read more

Corrupted by coq au vin

Ari LeVaux |
There’s no way around the fact that if you eat meat you have blood on your hands. When I worked on a farm, the long afternoons spent slaughtering chickens helped shape m... ...read more

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