Lee Dewyze Hits Top of American Idol Power Rankings

Lee Dewyze is #1 American Idol Power Rankings: The Top 9 (Redux)

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Last night on Idol, the remaining nine contestants (yep, there’s still nine of ‘em; Michael Lynche was saved from the jaws of defeat by the judges) took on the songs of Elvis Presley. Like The Beatles’ songbook, tackling Elvis’ catalog can be tricky. Many of these songs are so iconic that it can be difficult to reinterpret them. As a result, there was a whole lot of karaoke cum Glee happening on the Idolstage last night.

With a few exceptions, many of the contestants’ performances came off as boring and completely uninspired. The biggest shocker of the evening was Tim Urban’s phenomenal take on “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” This had “disaster” written all over it (after all, it’s one of the King’s classics), but Tim managed to totally update the song and really make it his own. Did your Idol fave make the top of this week’s power rankings? Read on to find out.

1. Lee Dewyze
Risk Level: 5
Payoff: 10
Total: 15

Lee Dewyze is no stranger to being on the top of our list – and this week he earned his place with a fantastically bluesy take on “A Little Less Conversation.” His rocker sensibilities have really served him well so far in the competition and, as expected, they helped him shine last night. His voice was in good form and his showmanship has gotten a little better as well. The judges agreed, and totally loved the performance. Randy told Lee he was “in the zone” and Kara commented that his rendition exhibited a “vocal intensity” that she hasn’t seen in him up until this point. Simon merely told him that he “nailed it.”

See Lee Dewyze and Full American Idol Power Rankings on Flavorwire

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