A Clobbering “Cloud Atlas”

Jonathan Kiefer |
Where am I? What month is it? Did they have the election? Sorry, it’s just that I’ve been in a screening of “Cloud Atlas,” and it feels like I’ve been gone forever. more

Ten Amusing Clint Tweets from #RNC

Jonathan Kiefer |
1. @pattonoswalt: “If Clint Eastwood ever talks to a chair on national TV, people will need a way to reassure each other” — inventor of Twitter, March 2006 2. @GeorgeTakei: Cli... more

“To Rome With Love”: Eternal City, Perpetual Shtick

Jonathan Kiefer |
For some of us, Woody Allen could film the phone book and we’d find pleasure in it: How nice all those listings might look in his signature white-on-black Windsor typeface. more

“Moonrise Kingdom”: Wes Anderson Summers in New England

Jonathan Kiefer |
The new Wes Anderson movie certainly is a richer pastiche than anything else you’ll see at the multiplex this season. And in its Andersonian manner, “Moonrise KingdomR... more

“The Dictator” Doesn’t Rule

Jonathan Kiefer |
The tale of how Admiral General Aladeen became President Prime Minister Admiral General Aladeen is not one for the ages. As told by “The Dictator,” it is basically the tale of... more

“The Avengers”: Kneel Before Joss!

Jonathan Kiefer |
It seems like a fine idea to put Joss Whedon in charge of “The Avengers.” more

“The Deep Blue Sea” Review in Brief

Jonathan Kiefer |
In postwar London, an emotionally volatile young woman (Rachel Weisz) flees her marriage to an aloof magistrate (Simon Russell Beale) for an affair with a differently aloof ex-... more

“The Five-Year Engagement” Review in Brief

Jonathan Kiefer |
Faced with geographically opposed career opportunities, a newly engaged couple discovers that their life together has gotten in the way of their life together. more

“This Is Not a Film”: Jafar Panahi Makes an Effort

Jonathan Kiefer |
In his Tehran apartment, the filmmaker Jafar Panahi sits down to breakfast with a video camera pointed at himself. For a man being tyrannized, he seems in decent spirits. His a... more

“John Carter” Is Not About the Character of That Name Played by Noah Wyle on “E.R.,” Although Who Knows, Maybe He’s In There Somewhere

Jonathan Kiefer |
“John Carter,” the movie, has been in development for a hundred years. No wonder it’s such a tangle of time, space, and narrative point of view. more

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