Story on a String: The TFT Review of ‘The Hour of the Star’ by Clarice Lispector

Macabéa never got used to the idea of being human. She can’t explain. Reality makes little sense to the protagonist of Clarice Lispector’s The Hour of the Star, but not knowing ... more

The Rules of Inheritance by Claire Bidwell Smith – Review

Liza Monroy |
Unmooring and Unlocking: review of The Rules of Inheritance When author, blogger, and therapist Claire Bidwell Smith was eighteen years old, her mother died of colon cancer. At... more

Police Sketches of Fictional Characters

Lincoln Michel |
The Misfit A rad new Tumblr, The Composites, has been making the rounds the last few days that uses police software to create sketches of famous literary characters, such as Th... more

More Barf for the Void: Some Thoughts on Online Lit

Lincoln Michel |
Over at Luna Park review, Travis Kurowski takes Bill Henderson, editor of the Pushcart Prize anthology, to task over his dismissal of online publication. Like Kurowski I really... more

Literary Muppets, Amazon’s Issues, Year End Lists, and More Lit Links

Lincoln Michel |
- Emma Straub has a great post at The Paris Review about Miss Piggy, Literary Icon. Miss Piggy “wrote” a guide to life book filled with wisdom such as: There is no s... more

Worlds Without Forgetting: TFT Review of Olivier Schrauwen’s The Man Who Grew His Beard

John Dermot Woods |
One thing that stories in Belgian cartoonist Olivier Schrauwen’s The Man Who Grew His Beard share is that they question their own form-and they usually feature bearded men who ... more

Books for Non-Readers, the Most Depressing Book, Dali’s Wonderland, and More Lit Links

Lincoln Michel |
- The Millions has started up its annual and always interesting “Year in Reading” feature where dozens of authors share the books they read in 2011. Ben Marcus and J... more

Vonnegut-isms, Variety of Zombies, Nerdiest Protest, and More Lit Links

Lincoln Michel |
- Flavorwire on their favorite Vonnegut-isms, such as: If you make people laugh or cry about little black marks on sheets of white paper, what is that but a practical joke? All ... more

Haruki Murakami Short Film: “A Girl, She Is 100%”

Lincoln Michel |
As you likely know, Murakami’s epic 1Q84 was released last month. If you can’t find a copy to dig into, or want to take a break from the novel with a short film, che... more

Magical Mysteries in the Time of the Aztec Empire: TFT Interview with Aliette de Bodard

Gabrielle Gantz |
Aliette de Bodard, a 2009 finalist for the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, wraps up her Obsidian and Blood trilogy this November with Master of the House of Darts. ... more

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