NFL Fantasy Football: Week Twelve Swami or Bonehead?

A little better than I’ve been doing lately, a 17-13 Swami-to-Bonehead ratio for last week’s picks. Bu t I guess karma smiled a little more on some of the guys I had pegged for stiffs or else I’d have done better. Here’s the damage.

Start ‘Em!
Josh Freeman: The third highest point total of the season for him. 17 points. Swami!

Carson Palmer: Not as great a performance as he had been giving but there was a lack of turnovers that saved his point totals. 16 points. Swami-ish.

Philip Rivers: Not as good as I thought, but 15 points isn’t horrible, just still not like his old self. Swami-ish.

Matt Moore: I told you he had a shot. 18 points. Swami!

Marshawn Lynch: He still exceeded expectations. 14 points. Swami!

Maurice Jones-Drew: He should be exhausted, carrying his team on his back. 17 points. Swami!

BenJarvus Green-Ellis: Just barely double digits, but I’ll take it. 10 points. Swami-ish.

Reggie Bush: Also over the double digit plateau. 12 points. Swami!

Santonio Holmes: Oh, man; 9 targets and just 4 catches. A little bit because of Champ Bailey and a little bit because of Sanchez and maybe a little bit because of Schottenheimer. Would it kill you move the QB around in the pocket a little and give his receivers a shot at breaking free? I know Sanchez is no Cam Newton, but can’t he do a roll-out once in a while? At least if he has to throw it away it won’t be intentional grounding. 3 points. Bonehead!

Denarius Moore: Yow! One point. Bonehead!

Mario Manningham: Advantage, Cruz. Zero points. Bonehead!

Percy Harvin: No headache this week. 15 points. Swami!

Tony Gonzalez: I love this guy. Show them kids how an old man does it! 13 points. Swami!

Jake Ballard: Injury. One point. Bonehead!

Tony Scheffler: Still on the TD roll. 8 points. Swami!

Sit ‘Em!
Colt McCoy: He may have won but 11 points is bit lower than what you want from the QB position. Swami!

Andy Dalton: I guess Baltimore’s defense isn’t as good as Pittsburgh’s. 15 points. Bonehead!

Jay Cutler: He may have gotten knocked out for the season, but not before he made this pick look dumb. 24 points. Bonehead!

Joe Flacco: Now, he tries to taunt me with a merely adequate performance.. 16 points. Bonehead!

Beanie Wells: Called it. One point. Swami!

Chris Johnson: Called it, again. I told you he’s still a stiff. 2 points. Swami!

Cedric Benson: I’m really starting to hate the Ravens defense. 16 points. Bonehead!

LaGarrette Blount: Did Green Bay’s run defense start their Thanksgiving day overeating early? 16 points. Bonehead!

Dez Bryant: He must have learned a few trick since the last time he played the ‘Skins. 12 points. Bonehead!

Eric Decker: It’s either feast or famine with the kid now that Tebow’s starting. A lot of yards and a maybe TD or two on a few catches because the defense isn’t respecting the pass at all or zilch. Zero points. Swami!

Anquan Boldin: Close to a double digits, but you really want double digits for your WR starters. 9 points Swami-ish.

Michael Crabtree: Speaking of double digits for your WR starters. 12 points. Bonehead!

Brent Celek: Looks like VY likes TEs better than Ron Mexico. 6 points. Bonehead!

Visanthe Shiancoe: At the TE position, 4 points. is actually OK.  Bonehead!

Ed Dickson: At last. One Raven that played to my expectations. 2 points. Swami!

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