Toby Keith: An Unapologetic, American Racist!

Toby Keith: An Unapologetic, American Racist!Toby Keith is coming under major fire after a video emerged showing him rapping with Will Smith and making an inappropriate gesture. Keith pulled his eyes back into slants when Smith rapped the lyric: “to the yellow.” Ironically, this occurred at the Nobel Peace Prize Party.


This is the most outrage a Smith performance has generated since “Hitch,” when animal rights groups protested Smith’s molestation of an animal in the movie. It was later revealed that the victim in question wasn’t an animal, but actually Kevin James.

Here’s what they’re saying about this newest outrage around the web:

From TMZ:

As TMZ first reported, Keith pulled back his eyes when Will Smith rapped the word “yellow” during an impromptu performance in Norway a few days ago – Toby’s rep blew it off, telling us, “nobody at the party thought Toby was out of line.” But outside the party — people are pissed.

A rep for the Asian American Justice Center tells TMZ, “Toby Keith embarrassed himself and his country, denigrated the Noble Peace Prize and offended Asians and Asian Americans by using a crude, racist hand gesture.”

Another group — the Media Action Network for Asians — also took offense with Toby, telling us, “By doing this, he is telling his Asian fans ‘you don’t matter, you’re not on my radar.’

To be fair, I think the gesture does show that Asian fans are on Toby Keith’s radar. And he’s probably going to have to scrap his latest single, “Chinese, Japanese, Dirty Knees.”

The Daily News looks at it from a different angle:

Fellow country crooner Miley Cyrus was also labeled a racist earlier this year after party pix emerged showing the teen similarly slanting her eyes.

One Los Angeles woman actually sued the “Hannah Montana” star for $4 billion on behalf of L.A.’s Asian Americans, claiming the gesture was offensive, but the judge dropped the suit.

Keith has yet to issue a formal apology, and his reps are dismissing the incident.

“No one at the concert thought Toby was out of line,” his camp said. “Everyone was impressed with his rapping skills and that’s it . . . all of the artists liked each other, hung out, and it was a very friendly, genuine, and supportive atmosphere.”

Indeed. The story here isn’t whatever Keith did, but rather a chance to remind ourselves how much Miley Cyrus sucks, and the high level of awesomeness that Toby Keith’s rap skills have reached. The new Eminem?

From The Blemish:

Toby was so big into hand gestures, I wonder why when Will said “brown”, Toby didn’t yell, “For Allah!” or when he said “red”, he didn’t do the tomahawk chop and put five fingers behind his head to signify feathers or when Will said “black,” Toby didn’t smash his lips together so they’d look real big and swollen. Wait, I think I know the answer to the last one. It might have been because he would have gotten his ass kicked by the people behind him.

Yet another interesting point. Was this controversy in fact the fault of Keith, or rather the fault of the large, intimidating Asians–or better yet, ninjas–that failed to stand behind him and threaten to kick his ass? Food for thought.

Finally, the AP has Keith’s take on the War just hours before SlantedEyesGate:

There’s no reason to apologize for supporting U.S. war efforts, American country singer Toby Keith said Friday, just hours before performing at the annual Nobel Peace Prize concert.

Keith, whose 2002 saber-rattling hit “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue (The Angry American)” was inspired by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, said he stands by President Barack Obama’s decision to send 30,000 troops to Afghanistan.

Keith’s appearance at the downtown Oslo Spektrum arena, scheduled for 1900 GMT (2 p.m. EST), has been questioned by Norwegians dismayed that a performer known for a fervent pro-war anthem is playing at a show focused on peace.

The musician dismissed the criticism.

“If President Obama has to send (more) troops into Afghanistan to fight evil, I’ll pull for our guys to win, and I won’t apologize for it,” Keith said. “I’m an American, and I do pull for our team to fight evil.”

As opposed to those damn French, who pull for their team to serve croissants and delicious wine to evil. Pansies.

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