Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift (Possibly) Went on a Date

Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift (Possibly) Went on a DateTim Tebow and Taylor Swift went on a date. Granted, they “… may have both have been with their agents…” according to the New York Post, but since both Tebow and Swift have managed to extend their early adolescence roughly a decade past the average expiration, it’d make sense that they’d be chaperoned. The report doesn’t contain anything juicy, like handholding or blushes, but, there is no evidence to rule out the possibility of under-the-table-footsie and text messages smeared with smiley faces.

Tim Tebow and Taylor Swift (Possibly) Went on a DateThe two met at some festivities that preempted the Oscars. Tebow “… chatted up…” the Kids Choice Awards winner, and probably asked for her father’s phone number so that he could get permission to take her to an ice-cream parlor. With Papa Swift’s (presumed) blessing, the couple had dinner at Toscanova, an Italian restaurant off Santa Monica boulevard in LA. The appropriate 3rd party observers were in attendance, and ensured that there was plenty of room for God between the two starlets. Tebow, however, walked her out after dinner by himself, opening the door to red-hot temptation and scandal, though, by all accounts, the Denver Broncos quarterback restrained himself.

The date proves that Taylor Swift has matured in recent years, and stopped crushing on edgy bad boys like Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer. Readers might recall that the 34 Mayer once described a woman’s body as “… a wonderland.” Tebow is on record saying that the body is a temple and definitely never stays out later than 10 PM.

Scientist and sociologists are working around the clock to develop a new hue of white that would properly describe Swibow, should the couple ever be joined in holy matrimony.

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