Katy Perry’s Minister Parents See Divorce as a Way of Filling Pews

The I Kissed a Girl singer’s evangelical parents are using her divorce as a way of promoting their church.

Katy Perry’s very public divorce from crude comedian Russell Brand is apparently God’s way of getting people to go to church (according to her family, that is). Keith and Mary Hudson, the pop star’s parents, are both evangelical ministers who have seen the recent buzz about their daughter’s failed marriage as a blessing. The pews have been filling up with first-time parishioners who are presumably there mostly to hear Katy’s parents speak about their daughter’s misfortune in a sermon. In a statement to 300 people at Westlake, Ohio’s Church on the Rise, Mary half-jokingly said, “I’m sure that Katy’s trending on the Internet was to get you here to church tonight. I mean all over the world, who knows how God is bringing them in? The most important thing is you are here and God wants to put the fire in you in 2012.”

This is not the first time the Hudsons have integrated their religious views with their daughter’s fame. Her father has openly told the press they were perfectly alright with using her success and popularity as a way of preaching to those who they would not have access to otherwise (i.e. other celebrities). To Keith, it “has opened many opportunities to go in and be with guarded and gated people. God has given us a platform to go in and meet people, and they like us because we are cool. We are not threatening.”

Some have speculated that Brand filed for divorce upon Katy’s request—especially considering he adamantly denied their marriage troubles on an Ellen appearance in November. His filing would alleviate some family tension it may have caused between her and her ultra-religious parents, who raised her to believe divorce was wrong. But the always cool, nonthreatening, hip Keith spoke out once again, essentially saying that regardless of who filed and why, he would always be there for his beloved human ministry launchpad. “I love my daughter and I will always love her. Stop being judgmental and critical. Do not close the doors to your loved ones, especially your children. Just because they do not like what you do or what you are, they are still praying that you stay in the race. They are counting on you.”

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