The Cheating Saga: What Breaking Up Would Mean For Breaking Dawn

The Cheating Saga: What Breaking Up Would Mean For Breaking DawnHow the controversial tryst might endanger the film’s success and the actress’s career.

If ever there was a reason to not do the whole office romance thing, the fallout after Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal with Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders is it. Let’s face it, these things are messy—especially when the boyfriend she cheated on is her Twilight Saga co-star Robert Pattinson. Could KStew’s dalliance damage her film career?

In the wake of this publicity nightmare, it’s easy to imagine the folks over at Summit Entertainment (the studio responsible for The Twilight Saga), Universal (responsible for Snow White and the Huntsman), and Stewart’s agent in a state of collective, head-between-the-knees panic. The November release date of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is only months away and that means that KStew and RPattz will be on the road together for the publicity tour. In this post-scandal state of awkwardness, it’s hard to imagine this prospect without cringing.

In addition, there are rumors that Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman sequel has been put on hold, though E! Online reported, “today the studio isn’t commenting on its status.” Summit Entertainment has also not yet commented on the scandal’s damaging potential to the success of Breaking Dawn: Part 2.

Meanwhile, Stewart has been raked through the coals on the twittersphere by disappointed fans. Could her lusty indiscretion and a possible break-up with Robert Pattinson cause the film to tank in November?

Some choice tweets regarding the scandal include:

Emily Jensen Houston: Can’t watch #breaking dawn now because Kristen Stewart has ruined my life #nbd”

Vicky ☮: I’m kind of shocked that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert with that guy. like, it makes no sense. The guy is FUGLY. #disappointed”

Kristen Stewart fan: I’m with my family in a BBQ. Let’s go out and pretend to be happy, I will cry when I’m home.”

Rebecca Silverstein: My sentiments exactly. RT @Lorena_yellow the whole kristen stewart news #wow #shocked #wtf #MyWholeLifeIsALie”

Sean Geary: Fuck Kristen Stewart, a cheater is only sorry when they get caught, other than that they would keep doing it, “I love Rob”, Shut up you slut


Hope Prophett: Was so excited for november to watch twilight, but now bellas cheated on Edward the whole things ruined! #kristencheats”

RobKristenisluv: I KNOW that these allegations about Kristen are just rumors. Why? My heart & mind are telling me so. Trust your instincts. #Robsten forever”

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