Science Literacy: An Uphill Battle (video evidence)

John Humphreys |
Despite President Obama’s emphasis on innovation and education during the State of the Union Address, science literacy in the United States is facing an uphill battle.   ...read more

How Clowns Can Help You Get Pregnant

John Humphreys |
New research in the field of human infertility has revealed that spending a few minutes with an outlandish, red-nosed, magic trick-performing clown can help women get pregnant. ... ...read more

How Bisexuality Can Save a Love Triangle

John Humphreys |
Anyone who has ever shared a residence can attest to the fact that cohabitating with others can be an extremely stressful state of affairs.  Disputes resulting from a lack of pr... ...read more

When Transgenic Veggies Go Wild

John Humphreys |
A newly published study from Penn State details what can happen when a genetically modified organism escapes from captivity and interbreeds with the wild members of its species.... ...read more

Charles Darwin Writes a Letter to Stephen Hawking

John Humphreys |
Stephen Hawking has just published a book that seems to challenge incumbent Charles Darwin for the title of ‘most loathed scientist’ by religious fundamentalists.   ...read more

Why is The Huffington Post Publishing Nonsensical Pseudoscience Babble?

John Humphreys |
Do you feel your “evolving godhead arising”? If so, it may be a good idea to head over to The Huffington Post and get diagnosed by “Doctor” Barbara Hubb... ...read more

What the Majority of Southern Americans Believe About the Origins of Humanity

John Humphreys |
According to the results of a new poll released by Angus Reid Public Opinion, the majority of folks in the Southern United States believe that humans have only been around for a... ...read more

Craig Venter, Synthetic Cells and Playing God

John Humphreys |
An Open Letter to Dr. Craig Venter Dear Dr. Craig Venter, Your announcement on May 20th that your lab had created the first synthetic cell has left me absolutely terrified. Bec... ...read more

Not All Republicans Deny Science, But All Science Deniers Seem to Be Republicans

John Humphreys |
How has ignorance and irrationality become a sustainable political position? It seems as though every time I turn on the television or read the news I learn of a new public fig... ...read more

Marco Rubio: The Creationist in the Closet

John Humphreys |
Republican Marco Rubio, the current front runner in Florida’s U.S. Senate race, should come out of the closet – he’s obviously a creationist. ...read more

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