Environmental Health

What Apple Isn’t Telling Us About Its Workers

Apple’s Supplier Responsibility Report Doesn’t Reveal the Whole Story The morning after President Obama’s State of the Union speech that featured plans for r... ...read more

Why Your Morning Coffee Could Be the Product of Child Labor

Devastating Reports of Child Labor Around the Globe Bananas in Ecuador, Nicaragua, Belize, and the Philippines; broccoli in Guatemala; carpets in India, Nepal, and Pakistan; co... ...read more

Baby Product Watch: Tris is Back

“Tris” and Other Hazardous Chemicals Found in Baby Products A dangerous flame retardant known as “Tris” has reappeared in products designed for babies an... ...read more

Gap, J.C. Penny and Other US Brands Linked to Deadly Bangladesh Factory Fire

Dozens of workers dead from fire in Bangladesh factory that produces for US brands In an incident that brings to mind the Triangle factory fire that took place in New York almo... ...read more

Is Gulf Seafood Really Safe? Local Fisherman Express Concern as They Return to Work

Is it Safe to Eat Seafood from the Gulf? “After three long months of oil geysering continuously from the depths of the Gulf, a temporary cap has stemmed the flow and it ... ...read more

After the Oil Spill: Is Your Seafood Safe

In mid-June most of the seafood shacks along the bayou roads between New Orleans and Grand Isle were closed. A seafood market that I stopped by on the western edge of New Orle... ...read more

What We Still Don’t Know About the BP Oil Spill

“I want this seafood to be safe. But I want those workers to be as safe as those shrimp and I’m not just going for funny one-liner,” said Senator Barbara Mi... ...read more

Meet Captain Dave: What It’s Like Skimming Deepwater Horizon Oil

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” says David Willman, who has nearly 15 years’ experience captaining supply boats that support oil rigs and drilling ... ...read more

Oil Spill Update: A Report From the Beach

This is my place. This is my peace. This is where I come to pray. Now it’s damaged for years to come,” Dauphin Islander Angela Bonner tells me as we stand on the pie... ...read more

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