Blue Ivy is the Name of Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Baby, Not a New Smurf or 1940s Jazz Tune

Beyonce and Jay-Z recently welcomed their new baby girl into this crazy world.

Her name is Blue Ivy.

To me, that sounds more like a croony 1940s jazz tune than a real person. Yet as far as the Hollywood baby elite goes – let’s see, there’s Suri, Apple, Sunday Rose (Nicole Kidman’s offspring), Satchel (Spike Lee’s child), Sage Moonblood (Sylvester Stallone’s) and then Kyd (David Duchovny and Tea Leoni apparently working out their own identity issues through bestowing upon their child a generic common noun for a child, I mean just name him Everyman and get it over with!) – the name isn’t that out of the ordinary.

In fact, there’s already another Ivy out there in celebrity baby world – Zola Ivy, Eddie Murphy’s daughter.

So sure, you might see the moniker out of context and think there’s a new Smurf in town and get really excited, because new cartoon characters excite you, but overall I think the name is rather tame. Which is a good strategy if Beyonce and Jay-Z are planning on more children, since media attention would require that their children’s names become more and more harsh to our ears, culminating in a most hideous, grating, nails-on-chalkboard first name – the post-modern dissonant orchestral music of baby names, if you will. It’s a true art form.

Although who knew that the name Blue Ivy apparently requires a degree in symbology to unravel?

[Photo from Wikimedia Commons]

Samantha Kimmey lives in New York, NY. Follow her on Twitter at @Samantha_Kimmey. more


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