Jay-Z and Kanye West Trash Really Expensive Car on Purpose

Jay-Z and Kanye West trashed a very expensive car for their new music video. They’re auctioning what remains of the machine for a charitable cause.

There’s really nothing like watching a couple of hip-hop stars use power tools to trash the shit out of a very expensive automobile to make you feel like you work too hard for too little pay, no matter what your occupation.

Jay-Z and Kanye West recently released the music video for “Otis,” a song from their joint album Watch the Throne. The album is currently No. 1 on the iTunes album chart. The video begins with West and Jay-Z approaching a Maybach, a German luxury car with a base sticker price Yahoo Music puts at $373,000 for the lowest-priced model. Jay-Z is carrying a blowtorch, and West is brandishing a power saw, which, given West’s all-too-apparent mental instability, is vaguely frightening. It’s almost surprising the video didn’t take a graphic turn, wherein West begins slicing his partner up and screaming “Just let me be great!!!!!”

For the next minute or so, you see dudes working on the car, throwing pieces of it on the ground and all of that nonsense. You find out later they were working on transforming it into something you might see if they ever do a reboot of Road Warrior. The vehicle is sans doors and a roof, and the whole thing is ass-backward. The grill is situated on the back, and the back is up front. It’s basically the skeleton of a car, which makes it seem pretty dangerous (and maybe illegal) that they’re riding around with four grown women in the back seat.

There are also fireworks, and a lot of the rapping takes place with a gigantic painted American Flag in the backdrop, because nothing screams the American Dream like extreme fiscal irresponsibility. Vibe reported Jay-Z also recently dropped $250,000 on a bar tab, which equals out to a pretty astounding number of 16-ounce PBRs.

The video is directed by Spike Jonze, and comedian Aziz Ansari has a random cameo at about 2:30.

The rappers plan to offer the vehicle for auction, according to a message at the end of the video. Proceeds are to be donated to the East African drought disaster. This is pretty cool of them, but DUB Magazine’s Myles Kovacs told MTV the car probably has no value now, and probably can’t even be driven on the street.

Maybe they should’ve just auctioned the car when it was intact, instead of trashed. Or, they could’ve just donated the money straight to charity. Who wants to pay almost $400,000 for a car that, in the end, you can’t even drive? Hov did that, but who else would want to go through that?

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