A. Samuels Posts “Livin De Life” Rap Video on YouTube Despite Being Middle-Aged and White

A. Samuels Posts "Livin De Life" Rap Video on YouTube Despite Being Middle-Aged and White

With “Livin de Life”, A. Samuels shows us that hip hop is not dead. It’s just middle-aged.

Allen Samuels (or A. Samuels, as he’s known on the streets) is a 55-year-old casino host in Atlantic City. Last week marked his entrance to the rap game, as his first single, “Livin De Life”, dropped on YouTube. As the title suggests, A. Samuels is “Livin De Life”, and in an astonishing 4-minute music video, he warns viewers that if they aren’t “livin de life” they are in danger of being “part of the hype”.

Livin De Life

Those who aren’t well-versed in the hood-language used on the mean streets of New Jersey might not know what “livin de life” means. A. Samuels doesn’t give a clear definition, so I’m going to deconstruct his music video and the messages behind his ill verses to piece together what “Livin De Life” entails in the hopes of saving you all from a miserable existence spent as a mere part of the hype.

INTRO: A. Samuels tells us the story of a French Entrepreneur/ fight promoter he met in a casino who changed his life forever with these words: “You know, Allen, I know a lot of people with money. They do not live the life… you must live the life.”

THE MESSAGE: You do not need money to live the life.

FIRST VERSE: A. describes different lifestyles of athletic and business people before shedding a little insight on his own life, declaring he’s “got bitches in between” as well as “doctors on call, gangsters that fall” and “lawyers that draw up the papers for us all”.

THE MESSAGE: To live the life, you need to surround yourself with gangsters, lawyers, doctors, and bitches.

SECOND VERSE: Samuels tells us how he brings home money to his family and repeatedly asks them if they’re living the life.

THE MESSAGE: A big part of living the life is asking other people if they’re living the life.

THIRD VERSE: The third verse tackles the importance of equality with the words “It ain’t about black yo, it ain’t about white, it ain’t even bout folks creepin into the night.” He goes on to list several different religions, all of which are free to participate in de life livin.

THE MESSAGE: Anybody can live the life. Even rapists.

FOURTH VERSE: Shit gets inspiring here, as A. Samuels preaches “Look up now, before it’s too late! Do your thing, get out of the gate like a fast horse!” He reminds us that life is finite with the wise words “yo we all must die, so live life in between”.

THE MESSAGE: To live the life, you gotta do your thing. And you’d better do it soon, because you’re going to die.

FIFTH VERSE: Samuels describes how he first came to live the life with the lines “Casinos were good/ got me out of the hood”. In the music video, he shows us how far he’s come using pictures of him standing next to celebrities, and videos of him dancing in a pinstripe suit with a fedora-sporting old man.

THE MESSAGE: You have to get out of the hood before you can start living the life, but you must also stay true to your roots by wearing gangzta suits and making rap videos.

Do you have doctors on call and/or bitches in between? Are you doing your thing? Have you ever danced with an old man wearing a fedora in a novelty rap video? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, congratulations! You are definitely livin de life.

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