All of the Bites: Kanye West hires Gordon Ramsay for Cooking Lessons

Kanye West will soon get filthy in the kitchen with Gordon Ramsay. This would be an excellent premise and format for a reality show.

All of the Bites: Kanye West hires Gordon Ramsay for Cooking Lessons

Kanye West has hired Masterchef and Hell’s Kitchen host Gordon Ramsay to give him cooking lessons so he can prepare meals for his entourage, according to the Mirror.

Ramsay is probably more famous for being a complete dick to the contestants on his show than he is for actually being a chef, just like West is famous for a bunch of negative stuff that has little or nothing to do with his music.

You’ve got to wonder if West’s decision to hire a cooking mentor was somehow influenced by the popular internet meme, Kanye Chef, a website where people insert food references into his lyrics. It is absolutely hilarious.

I’m not much a fan of reality television, but I really, really hope this eventually segues into a series. I would watch it, for sure, especially if their relationship was quid pro quo and West paid for the cooking lessons by producing Ramsay’s solo R&B album. It could start an entire new series subcategory of reality programming where celebrities team up with each other to share their unrelated areas of expertise. Here are a few early ideas:

Mila Kunis and Kim Kardashian: Kunis could teach Kardashian how to be a pretty girl who garners her fame by actually doing things that require talent. Kardashian could teach Kunis how to make a sex tape and see to it that it’s distributed all over the world.

Tom Brady and Johnny Depp: Brady could teach Depp how to pick apart defenses and throw a perfect seam route, and Depp could teach Brady to act. The series finale could include a head-to-head football game where the loser has to die because there can only be one quarterback in the world who is a 12 on the 10-point beauty scale. The acting prowess will be displayed before the game when Brady and Depp, in separate locker rooms, put their own artistic spin on Al Pacino’s Any Given Sunday speech.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Jonathan Safran Foer: The Jersey Shore cast member and certified personal trainer would teach the writer how to bulk up and how to ingest enough protein to produce abs while still living a vegan lifestyle. Safran Foer could return the favor by teaching him how to read.

Lady Gaga and Michael Cera: The Mother Monster could teach Cera to produce his own music. Cera could teach her that you can be mellow and act and dress almost exactly the same all of the time but still have people enjoy your work. If Cera dies of suspicious causes early in the series, just moments after he tells Lady Gaga that Amy Winehouse actually died from drugs and not because people are cruel to superstars, then Adele or the surviving member of Milli Vanilli can fill his role. (This will make more sense if you read this.)

Photo from Kanye Chef.

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