So, Kristen Wiig Has A New Movie Coming Out

So, Kristen Wiig Has A New Movie Coming Out

All hail Kristen Wiig, who is proving to Hollywood that comedy can be smart and still make millions!

The SNL actress is reportedly starring in a new dark comedy called “Imogene.” In it, her character stages a fake suicide in order to get her boyfriend back, but ends up living with her estranged mother when the plan backfires. This project is coming on the heels of her $150 million summer hit, “Bridesmaids.”

Filming will begin on August 8th in New York City. “Imogene has every element we were looking for: strong writing, remarkable directing talent, a movie star we believe in, a New York setting, and commercial appeal,” say producers Celine Rattray (“The Kids Are All Right”) and Trudy Stiler (“Winter’s Bone”).

So, this movie’s probably a little bit different from “Bridesmaids,” a little bit darker, a little more prescient. Kristen Wiig is a little more famous now so “Imogene” might make a little bit more money than “Bridesmaids.” So.

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