VH1′s New Reality Show: (Not Really) ‘Famous Food’

When I heard rumblings about VH1’s new show ‘Famous Food’, I assumed that it was a new show wherein reality stars were sent to restaurants to destroy them. I was partially correct.

Ever since Danielle Staub was axed from ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’, there has been a serious lack of psychotic breakdowns and table flipping on TV, and VH1 has responded with ‘Famous Food’.

Premiering this Sunday on VH1, the show follows a group of D-List celebrities such as Ashley Dupre, Heidi Montag, Danielle Staub as they attempt to open a restaurant while competing to become the restaurant’s new celebrity partner. The seven celebrities, also including Vicent Pastore, Jake Pavelca of ‘The Bachelor’, and Three 6 Mafia, are given 28 days and $150,000 to open to the hottest new spot in L.A. But don’t worry, since Danielle is Italian and “a foodie,” everything will go as planned.

There’s a link to the extended trailer below, and you can see Heidi Montag destroy a bar and Ashley Dupre talk about being an escort. And there’s painting! Cooking! They fail a fire inspection! There are no working refrigerators! There are no tables or chairs! They have to choose a uniform and Ashley Dupre happily models a tiny flannel shirt and denim booty-cutters.

Heidi is scared because she’s “left [her] life” to open this restaurant, only to be greeted with chair throwing, table flipping, and a crowbar fight. If only she could go back to staring blankly across a table at Lauren Conrad on ‘The Hills’.

View the extended trailer here.

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