TLC Wants You, Never Nudes! (Watch Video)

Break out your cut-offs, TLC is looking for “never nudes”!

TLC is a proud champion of the freaks of our society: Jon and Kate, the Duggars, balloon sculptors, and people who are addicted to eating couch cushions. Now, The “Learning” Channel has put out a casting call for “never nudes”. The fake affliction was first brought to light by David Cross’ character Tobias Funke on Fox’s critically acclaimed series Arrested Development. Sufferers of “never nudity” can well, never be nude.

A Videogum reader, who was apparently trolling Craigslist, spotted TLC’s post (below). Clearly this idea came from some executive at TLC who takes Arrested Development too seriously and is out of ideas. But don’t underestimate TLC’s magnetism for the otherwise circus-bound individuals of America. If they can find people who like eating couch cushions and sleeping with hairdryers, I’m sure they can find people who can never be naked. All I can say is that when this airs, I’ll be watching.

TLC Wants You, Never Nudes! (Watch Video)

Lindsey Kempton is a writer and pop culture enthusiast. She believes that when it comes to media one should watch only what is truly good or truly bad. She also believes that Gertrude Stein once said more


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