What Time Are The 2011 Oscars?

What Time Are The 2011 Oscars? What time are the 2011 Oscars? An LA Frame of Mind.

The Oscars: the ultimate Hollywood awards show, where the stars and industry insiders gather to award the finest work of the year. For those on the East Coast The Oscars are placed in the sweet primetime Sunday night spot of 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM. The same applies for other “event” shows: the Super Bowl and other major football games, The Golden Globes and countless other live broadcasts.

Yet for those of us on the West Coast, the Oscars and these other events are instead relegated to the somewhat strange TV time of Sunday 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM, those hours normally bestowed to low-grade infomercials as well as game and network news shows.

That’s not to say LA doesn’t know how to party, it certainly does. The quiet on an LA street during the Oscars (except near the theater) speaks to the number of Oscar Parties and events occurring around town. This winter is my first in Los Angeles, and so I’m still adjusting to the idea of watching the Oscars as the sun shines. It just seems bizarre and almost surreal. Yet I see how people in Los Angeles adapt and have altered their lifestyles to fit not with Pacific Standard Time but with the East Coast.

The truth is that while LA is assuredly the capital of the film and entertainment world, New York, DC and the East Coast is the establishment bastion that on some level the business is always subconsciously trying to live up to. Much of Hollywood is run by MBAs and J.D.’s who either could not or did not want to stay on the East Coast and thus it’s no surprise that the Oscars and other events are golden opportunities to tantalize and captivate the frigid East Coast with images of the glistening California sun.

Enjoy your Oscar evening East Coast audience; I know I’ll try to enjoy my Oscar afternoon.

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