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Did the Plastic Industry Rewrite California’s Textbooks?

Amy Westervelt |
A California Watch report published Friday found evidence that the California state EPA allowed the American Chemistry Council to have undue influence over the drafting of the s... more

In Boston, Clean Air Is More Controversial than Drunk Naked Chicks

Amy Westervelt |
The same city that has yet to ban ads of half-naked women pushing alcohol has just pulled the plug on an ad from climate change activists that calls Senator Scott Brown ... more

The Frankenfish Should Be a Wake-Up Call

Amy Westervelt |
Last month at the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Cooking for Solutions Conference , the emergence of genetically modified salmon on the U.S. market was a matter of great debate.... more

The Plastic Industry Is the New Tobacco Industry

Amy Westervelt |
Elliot Margolies, Flickr, Creative Commons In the 1980s and 1990s Big Tobacco, mostly led by Philip Morris, spent millions of dollars trying to stop two things they were convin... more

Surprise! Pepsi’s New Plant Bottle Is Good Old-Fashioned Greenwashing

Amy Westervelt |
First things first: It’s great that companies are looking for alternatives to plastic, and there’s huge potential for bioplastics to be a big part of the solution... more

Biomimicry Queen Janine Benyus: What Would Nature Do?

Amy Westervelt |
In the 1990s, Janine Benyus, a natural sciences writer and the author of several wilderness guides, began to pay close attention to how various organisms adapted to the ecosy... more

The Arctic Food Web Is Unraveling, Endangering Polar Bears and Humans Alike

Amy Westervelt |
By Bruce Barcott, OnEarth Magazine This is the cover story of the latest issue of OnEarth Magazine, graciously shared in advance with The Faster Times. On a Saturday morning ... more

Are We Taking a Big Step Back on Environmental Regulations?

Amy Westervelt |
By Elizabeth Grossman, The Pump Handle As I’ve watched the hearings House Republicans have been holding over the past couple of weeks on the economic impact of environme... more

High-Speed Rail: A Political Hat Trick

Jason Mark |
The Obama administration’s announcement yesterday that it hopes to make a six-year, $53 billion dollar investment in high-speed rail networks is bound to win big applause from... more

Could a Super-Computer Save the World?

Amy Westervelt |
Last month IBM announced a big project in Rhode Island, and at first I just skimmed over the announcement as one of a dozen or so releases about the company’s various ... more

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