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DATW: “Thirty Days”

Jessica Weisberg |
Morgan Spurlock, the documentary filmmaker behind “Super Size Me” and “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold,” also has a television series called “Thirty D... more

DATW: “Born Rich”

Jessica Weisberg |
Last week, I wrote about “The One Percent,” a documentary by Jaime Johnson. This week for Docs Around the Web, check out “Born Rich,” Johnson’s fir... more

Doc Revisited: “The One Percent”

Jessica Weisberg |
“The One Percent,” a documentary by Jamie Johnson, first aired on HBO in the good ole days of 2006, when the national unemployment rate was under 5% (now it’s 9.1%) and ju... more

Docs Around the Web

Jessica Weisberg |
Announcing a new feature on this blog: Every week I’m going to a post a documentary from around the web. If you have suggestions or nominations, leave me a comment or emai... more

“Tabloid” Review

Jessica Weisberg |
In 1978, Joyce McKinney, a curvy blonde beauty queen, chartered a plane to London to “rescue” her beloved from Mormonism. His name was Kirk Anderson. He was a religious man, d... more

“Beats, Rhymes, and Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest” Review

Jessica Weisberg |
You might recognize Michael Rappaport, a pale and tawny haired actor, as the tough man in movies like “Cop Land” or “The Basketball Diaries.” But as the director of “Beats, Rhy... more

“Project Nim” Review

Jessica Weisberg |
Project Nim, a mesmerizing new documentary by James Marsh, is like Jungle Book in reverse. Back in the 70s, Herb Terrace, a professor at Columbia University thought it might be... more

POV Lineup Announced

Jessica Weisberg |
The newest season of POV documentaries have just started airing on PBS on tuesday nights. Check out my thoughts on The Oath and Kings of Pastry. A full length version of the fi... more

“Page One” Review

Jessica Weisberg |
The line for the Sundance premiere of “Page One: A Year Inside the New York Times” was an aggressive and, from the perspective of this young journalist, a star-studded one. Amy ... more

“Bridesmaids” and Lady Filmmakers

Jessica Weisberg |
Over the past few days, friends and colleagues and have forwarded emails and articles urging me to see “Bridesmaids,” Kirstin Wiig’s new slapstick comedy about the bodily advent... more

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