Cut and Pounded: Two different dinosaurs bring the pain

Asher Elbein |
There’s a constant push and pull in paleontology when it comes to dinosaur weaponry. The wonderful array of spikes, horns, claws and clubs that many species were gifted wi... ...read more

Primal Rage: The Forgotten Fighting Game of The 90s

Asher Elbein |
Carnage of one kind or another has long been a staple of our fascination with dinosaurs. Give a child two dinosaur toys and you can be reasonably certain that within a few minut... ...read more

Deep Future: A Book Review

Asher Elbein |
No single issue haunts popular ecology and meteorology more than the specter of global warming. Documentaries, television specials, op-eds and magazine articles, there is a cea... ...read more

Gregory S. Paul and The Future of Paleoart

Asher Elbein |
Those who pay attention to the world of dinosaur art know the name of Gregory S. Paul. Exploding onto the scene in the 1970′s, his dynamic imagery and distinctive technica... ...read more

Thunder Thighs (and the Dinosaur Die Off That Wasn’t)

Asher Elbein |
A few days ago, a new sauropod from the Early Cretaceous of Utah was announced to the nation. Called Brontomerus, or “Thunder Thighs,” it’s notable for a few ... ...read more

The Dawn Runner and the Dethroning of Eoraptor

Asher Elbein |
The origins of dinosaurs have always been a little bit mysterious–they seem to spring onto the Triassic stage fully formed, carnivores and herbivores, all of them recogniz... ...read more

Colors, Horns, and Humps: 2010 in Dinosaurs

Asher Elbein |
2009 was a pretty good year for dinosaur paleontology. But 2010 has been a fantastic one. To make up for my lamentable lack of activity in the past two months, I’m doing a... ...read more

A New Digging Dinosaur

Asher Elbein |
News recently emerged from Korea concerning a fairly interesting new dinosaur. Called by the imaginative name of Koreanosaurus, it at first glance appears to be a very typical ... ...read more

The Tragedy of the Quarry

Asher Elbein |
A sandstone quarry in New Jersey, long abandoned, has been the scene of a desperate and unsung fight for quite a while. It’s a low grade, apparently low stakes kind of bat... ...read more

“Acting” Dinosaurs (and what should be done about it)

Asher Elbein |
How did dinosaurs behave? It’s a tough question, considering that the family contains a staggeringly diverse amount of forms (try generalizing the behavior of a shrew from a... ...read more

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