Play It Again, Thom TWA-front Architect. Designer. Lover. Spy: The Eero You Never Knew

Online Advertising Explained

Fred Wilson |
How the Online Advertising Business Has Evolved   My friend Darren Herman helped me think about this post. He sent me this deck along with some thoughts. This slide from Da... more

The Seduction of Context, Diminished Hierarchy, and Plenty of Parking

Daniel Safarik |
For some time now in Los Angeles, one would need no more than a handful of art-world encounters before hearing the phrase, “New York is where art is sold, and Los Angeles is whe... more

Too-Late Modernism?

Daniel Safarik |
"Brutalism is Beautiful" - Kim Barker - Preservation in Pink This fall has brought me two auspicious pieces of mail. On Sept. 21, a solicitation to join AARP arrived. ... more

Pop Pop, Fiz Fiz: Balance and Bubbles

Andrew Myers |
How the arts inspire one another is the alchemy of creative cross-pollination. In architecture and interiors, that interplay is obvious, if not always self-evident (interior des... more

Major Frank Lloyd Wright House to Be … Demolished?

Andrew Myers |
The Phoenix home the master architect built for his son faces the wrecking ball — almost immediately (possibly tomorrow). Read all about it in this article from the NYT. more

Paris: Buzz, Bubbles, Beauté

Andrew Myers |
As any gambler, businessperson, picked-on-kid-in-the-school-yard, equities-trading Wall Street criminal, or sentient human over age 12 knows, when the tide starts to turn fight ... more

In Viaduct Design Competition, A Remake Is Poised To Trump The Original

Daniel Safarik |
The current 6th St Viaduct, built in 1932 and slated for demolition. The 6th Street Viaduct in Los Angeles is not the city’s best-known icon. But it’s been featured in as many m... more

“Architectones”: A Black Flag Over Silver Lake

Daniel Safarik |
Mobile (Neutra) by Xavier Veilhan, hangs in the VDL Research House. When a family moves into a house, they begin to add personal touches that make it their own. If they’re succe... more

La Brea: Los Angeles’ Linear Laboratory for Urban Density

Daniel Safarik |
Construction sites are popping up all along La Brea Ave. in Los Angeles, a welcome "post-recessionary" sight (author photo). A vision of the dense future of Los Angele... more

Metal Machine Musings

Daniel Safarik |
"A Loose Horizon" by LAYER, outside the Pasadena Museum of California Art It’s a pretty well known fact, at least among architects, that in the United States’ “j... more

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