Decorative Arts

Pop Pop, Fiz Fiz: Balance and Bubbles

Andrew Myers |
How the arts inspire one another is the alchemy of creative cross-pollination. In architecture and interiors, that interplay is obvious, if not always self-evident (interior des... more

Major Frank Lloyd Wright House to Be … Demolished?

Andrew Myers |
The Phoenix home the master architect built for his son faces the wrecking ball — almost immediately (possibly tomorrow). Read all about it in this article from the NYT. more

Paris: Buzz, Bubbles, Beauté

Andrew Myers |
As any gambler, businessperson, picked-on-kid-in-the-school-yard, equities-trading Wall Street criminal, or sentient human over age 12 knows, when the tide starts to turn fight ... more

Occupy Frankfurt: Capital of Capital … and Culture?

Andrew Myers |
Surprising in a commerce capital stretching from the Middle Ages, Frankfurt brands badly. A city of banks—the seat of the European Central Bank and the German Federal Bank, as w... more

Design and 007

Andrew Myers |
For 50 years James Bond had shaken and stirred the decorative arts. There’s his fashion: Savile Row to Prada, Armani and Ford, not to mention the various bathing costumes over t... more

Mighty Aphrodite

Andrew Myers |
She’s slutty, liberal with her flesh and favors, there’s no getting around that. Nor, truth be told, is she a woman’s woman: her behavior exhibits decided disregard for feminist... more

Fabergé Gets Googled

Andrew Myers |
To mark the 166th birthday of Peter Carl Fabergé, head of the renowned jewelry house responsible for the design and manufacture of the Imperial Russian Easter eggs given by the ... more

Hack-ing Away at Gotye

Andrew Myers |
You and more than 200 million of your closest friends have likely seen the colorfully cubist, shape-shifting, viral video for the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” (below) by ... more

Puttin’ on a NYC Spring Show

Andrew Myers |
Press releases for middle and top drawer fine and decorative art fairs usually fall in one of two categories: those that highlight dealers’ big guns and jaw droppers; and those ... more

The 1.4 Billion Euro House, Kinda

Andrew Myers |
Irish artist Frank Buckley has built “Expressions of Recession, Buckley’s Billion Euro House,” a three-room (plus gallery) structure in Dublin created from shr... more

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