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Love Is A Gamble: Group Sex on the Brain

Addy Litfin |
Dear Addy, I’m in a long-term, long distance relationship. Until we can be together in one city again, my boyfriend and I have an open relationship. He has made some frie... more

Love is a Gamble: The “O” Face Edition

Addy Litfin |
Dear Addy, I am fortunate enough to be having sex with a certain person who is quite vocal about when he is about to have an orgasm and makes a lot of noise when he is actually ... more

Love is a Gamble: To Three or Not to Three

Addy Litfin |
Dear Addy, I am a bi-curious guy in a weird situation. I have been friends with Cool Dude for many years during which he has gotten married and started a family with Se... more

Love is a Gamble: The No-Brainer Edition

Addy Litfin |
Dear Addy, I have been married to the same woman for 24 years. She’s never enjoyed cunnilingus even though it’s something I’m good at and really enjoy doing. S... more

Love is a Gamble: What Would Dina Manzo Do?

Addy Litfin |
Dear Addy, I am not what you would call super-experienced in things like love and romance. I make friends very easily, but when it comes to relationships I’m notoriously p... more

Love is a Gamble: A Wii Bit Confused

Addy Litfin |
We’re friends. We have problems. Let’s talk about them: Dear Addy, Hi. I am stuck in a bad situation and I’m not quite sure what do to. I recently moved across... more

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