Cycling through the Dutch Psyche

Adam Karlin |
It is tempting, as a Coastie Liberal, to point at the European system and say “See? Life is better there. They’ve got legal pot, prostitutes, gays can marry, no one ... more

In the Stadt Amsterdam

Adam Karlin |
When I was in college, I worked in as a news aide at the Seattle Times – in my case, a somewhat glorified term for office bitch. I’m not complaining. It was a good j... more

On Sex Toys and Linguistics in Belgium

Adam Karlin |
Recently, moving from couch to couch, I pondered the nature of cognitive linguistics: the field of study that proposes that how we think is determined by the language we think i... more

Couch Surfing in Brussels With a Passionate Greek

Adam Karlin |
My couch surfing host in Brussels — let’s call her ‘Sev’ — was Greek, tall and passionate. When we met near St Giles station, she was huffing her i... more

Making Sense of Prejudice in the New Europe

Adam Karlin |
I took the Eurolines bus from Lille, France to Brussels, Belgium. Lille wasn’t that pretty from the inside of a bus, but what town is? In my experience Greyhounding acro... more

The Hangover: English Channel Edition

Adam Karlin |
As I ran through Victoria station, I comforted myself with the knowledge: if I missed my bus, I would at least get the chance to puke in peace. more

Bogsurfing, or How to Not Drown in Peat

Adam Karlin |
Been gone for a bit, having taken a break from travel for home, family and the holidays. Here’s the conclusion of my hiking expedition into Scotland, in the Scottish Highl... more

Seals and Standing Stones in Scotland’s Outer Islands

Adam Karlin |
Continued from Bogsurfing in Scotland, Part 1 Step 2: Find Megalithic Site. Make high school yearbook analogies In the summer of 2002 I was unofficially couchsurfing my way acro... more

Couchsurfing Scotland, or How to Drown in a Bog

Adam Karlin |
One evening during my European jaunt I went out with an Irish friend. Forgive the stereotyping – yes, Hibernia, you have given the world great things like Yeats, Joyce, Th... more

East End Adventures and Floorsurfing

Adam Karlin |
The air mattress in the apartment I’ve been couchsurfing tends to deflate a lot, so I find myself waking up on a cold London floor, staring at the ceiling, ready to start ... more

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