Cooking And Preserving

Corrupted by coq au vin

Ari LeVaux |
There’s no way around the fact that if you eat meat you have blood on your hands. When I worked on a farm, the long afternoons spent slaughtering chickens helped shape m... more

Raiding the Compost Pile

Ari LeVaux |
The preparation and consumption of animal offal has become trendy in recent years. From headcheese to braised pig feet, there are many ways of turning animal refuse into deli... more

Buck au Franz

Ari LeVaux |
Beneath the broiler, no oil, is the best way to brown meat. It eliminates the splatter of grease and the possibility of fire, and gives you more control over the bro... more

American Sardine

Ari LeVaux |
A seafood meal is the one opportunity most Americans will ever have to eat a wild animal. Given the illegality of selling wild game, only hunters and their lucky friends get ... more

Swapping the Love

Ari LeVaux |
Early spring means different things in different places. In some regions it’s called mud season. Elsewhere it’s the fifth month of winter grief. In warmer climes,... more

Garlic Patch Friends

Ari LeVaux |
Carrots love garlic, and garlic doesn’t mind carrots. Those are some conclusions I reached last year, when I finally got sick of looking at all the blank space between ... more

It’s still pumpkin pie to me

Ari LeVaux |
Pumpkin pie is misunderstood in many ways. To name a few: it doesn’t need to be sweet, it isn’t only for the holidays, and as far as I’m concerned, it does... more

Roasted Roots Rock

Ari LeVaux |
Roasted roots are to winter what salad is to summer: an edible reflection of the season. It’s a dish that’s about as easy to make as boxed macaroni and cheese, and ... more

How and Why to Love Frozen, Grass-Fed Beef

Ari LeVaux |
July is the best time to kill a grass-fed beef cow, if you ask me. The animal has been fattened on months of neon-green spring forage. Such a cow won’t be as big in July ... more

Cooking Ligurian-Style Fish

Ari LeVaux |
It’s funny that Genoa is most famous, gastronomically, for salami—one that bears little resemblance to the lard-speckled salame Genovese di Sant’Olcese that some h... more

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