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    I heard Greg Kelly, the Fox News anchor and New York City Police
    Commissioner’s son is gay and an alcoholic. I also heard, that with his
    connection to the New York City Police Department through his father, he
    is tapping the phones for Murdoch. Just like Murdoch did in England.

    My understanding is also, besides Murdoch, he is being paid by the Mob and the Jews to tap the phones.

    Have you heard anything concerning this?

    I was told that Rupert Murdoch, Fox News and the New York Post are doing
    the same phone hacking in New York as they are doing in England. I found
    out about it when I was in Europe. I was told that Greg Kelly is
    leading a double life and he also has a drinking problem- both of which
    require a great deal of money to support. It seems that his father,
    Police Commission Raymond Kelly does not approve of his homosexuality,
    forcing him to live a double life.

    Greg Kelly is a Fox anchor for the 6 and 11o’clock news for New York local
    news; before that he worked on the National Fox News Station; and before
    that he worked as the White House Correspondent for Fox; before that he
    was a pilot in the Marines. Kelly did not have the training to be a
    news anchor or a White House Correspondent. Why did he get the job?
    Because he was the New York City Police Commissioner’s son. Fox wanted
    the connection with the NYPD and by hiring Kelly they got it.

    A recent situation occurred that drives home this point concerning Greg
    Kelly. Months ago, a woman Kelly met in a bar accused him of rape; she
    became pregnant, had an abortion, blamed him for ruining her life and
    filed a complaint against him. His father, the Police Commissioner Ray
    Kelly, sends the complaint to Cyrus Vance, Manhattan District Attorney
    for an investigation. Vance finds that Kelly did nothing wrong. Fox
    claims to be a conservative, moralist news network against the
    Democrats, Obama, abortion and rape. How come such a moralist news
    agency gave Kelly his job back? I asked a friend of mine, who was
    formerly in Government Intelligence and had a contact in the Feds. He
    told me it was because Fox wanted their hook into NYPD-it seems that the
    Feds know what Kelly is doing.


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