Consumer Rights

ON HOLD: Why Aren’t Customers Paid for Their Time?

Fred Bernstein |
Several months ago, I was planning a trip to London. I needed to be able to receive work e-mails while I was in London, and I wanted my children to be able to reach me there by... more

How Come Only Journalists Have to Deal with Kill Fees?

Fred Bernstein |
Occasionally — very occasionally — I’ve been asked to accept a “kill fee” from a newspaper or magazine I write for. That means that an editor has decided not to pub... more

ON HOLD: Can’t Anyone Be Candid About Medical Costs?

Fred Bernstein |
The Freelancers Insurance Company is dedicated, according to its website, to providing affordable health care coverage for the self-employed. I recently got a letter from the co... more

ON HOLD: Death Comes to Us All, But Red Tape Lasts Forever

Fred Bernstein |
My father died in January. He left a small estate — perhaps $100,000, to be divided several ways. Most of the money is in a brokerage account at Bank of America. It’s bee... more

ON HOLD: Billing or Bilking (Revisited)?

Fred Bernstein |
I finally heard from ILD Teleservices, the company that billed me for an 800-number voicemail service I had never asked for. It agreed to credit me the full amount of the fraud... more

ON HOLD: Is it Okay to Call an American Express Executive at Home?

Fred Bernstein |
I was really, really, REALLY angry at American Express, which was dunning me for money I didn’t owe. (I’ll tell the story in a separate post, when I’ve calmed down.) And I cou... more

ON HOLD: When Billing Becomes Bilking

Fred Bernstein |
This type of thing happens to me far too often. When I opened my phone bill recently, I was surprised to see a $14.95 charge from ILD Teleservices, a company I’m pretty su... more

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