Big Apple Comic Con in Manhattan

Wow another comic convention.

The Big Apple Comic Convention, sponsored by Wizard Entertainment, will be held in Manhattan from October 16-18 at Pier 94 (55th Street at 12th Avenue). Tickets are available for purchase at select local retailers or online. Ticket prices range from one-day $25 passes to three-day $45 weekend tickets.

Guests include TV/movie actors William Shatner, Linda Hamilton, and Lou Ferrigno as well as comic book illustrators Jim Lee, Joe Quesada (who is also Marvel Comics’s Editor-in-Chief), and Jim Steranko.

Also, Yogi Berra and Joe Frazier will each be in attendance. Don’t ask. I’m sure there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation.

I wish I could muster up some excitement for this. But comic conventions are now what one might charitably call a dime a dozen, and tend to cater to fans of cult television shows, video games, and genre movies instead of actual comics. To the extent that these events center around comics at all, it’s the superhero-centric output of the Big Two – ie Marvel and DC. The words “cluster” and “fuck” were likely first amalgamated at a comic convention. (MoCCA alternatively throws a smaller but really cool and creator-focused comic festival every year).

Go if: You’re a big fan of Twilight, Battlestar Galactica, Terminator etc. If you have cash to blow and are attracted to bright colors. If you get off watching people dressed up as Transformers and/or Wolverine. If you enjoy sweat.

Don’t go if: You answered “No” to any of the above. Alternatively, consider saving up for the San Diego Comic-Con. It’s the grand-daddy of comic book conventions and all of the major Hollywood studios have presences there. You’ll get to see some cool trailers for upcoming summer blockbusters a full week before they show up on Apple Trailers. Street cred!

Ryan Joe is the co-editor of Fawlt Magazine. He works and writes in Manhattan. If he were ever to get bitten by a radioactive spider, his arm would probably just blacken and fall off. more


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