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China’s Got Talent Too!

Jin Qian |
China's Got Talent With a population of over 1.3 Billion, China is indeed an obvious market for talent shows. But still, no one expected the astounding popularity of China... more

Sina Microblogging: An Alternative Model to Twitter?

Jin Qian |
It took more than three years for a Twitter user to garner one million followers. But for China’s Sina microblogging, it only took a little over six months. Considering th... more

Watching Hillary Clinton’s Internet Freedom Speech in China

Jin Qian |
Eighteen hours after U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her much anticipated speech on Internet freedom in China, I sat among university students, professors and local... more

How the Chinese Media is Turning into The Onion

Jin Qian |
At the end of each year, “Journalist Monthly,” a Chinese publication akin to the “Columbia Journalism Review,” lists the top ten fake news stories that ... more

Why the Chinese Government is Launching Its Own Hulu and YouTube

Jin Qian |
A couple of weeks ago, one of China’s biggest BitTorrent websites was shut down by the government on the grounds that it contained lewd and copyright-infringed... more

China’s New Face: Government News Agency Expanding to Other Nations

Jin Qian |
This summer, in many European countries’ supermarkets, customers began to notice something different about the TV screens above their heads, which usually broadcast advert... more

A Tale of Two Young Chinese Writers

Jin Qian |
Recently in China, a spate of popular young fiction writers has appeared on the scene. But two writers stand out among the rest. Not only have they managed to differentiate them... more

To Electroshock or Not? The Chinese Debate How to Cure Internet Addiction

Jin Qian |
Last April two Chinese youth associations jointly launched guidelines in the hopes of preventing Chinese children from becoming addicted to the Internet. According to the guidel... more

“Prison Break’”s Underground Success in China

Faster Read Faster Read |
It was a ritual. Every week, minutes after Fox’s drama “Prison Break” aired in the U.S., Chinese fans of the show began searching for the bit torrent seed of the epi... more

The Underground Success of Prison Break and What It Means for Chinese Media

Jin Qian |
It was like a ritual. Every week, minutes after Fox’s drama Prison Break aired in the U.S., Chinese fans of the show began searching for the bit torrent seed of the new ep... more

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