China’s Latest PSA: Cartoon Pigs Rap to Swine Flu Beat (Watch Video)

China's Latest PSA: Cartoon Pigs Rap to Swine Flu Beat (Watch Video)The Chinese may have gone crazy on the quarantining for H1N1, but they still have a good sense of humor about the swine flu. At least, the makers of this swine flu rap cartoon do. The video is currently being broadcast in Chinese airports and on some plane flights, and is perhaps the most captivating public health promotion I’ve ever seen.

The two-minute cartoon song features a high pitch, child-like rapping voice and a host of cartoon pigs trying to navigate the contagious flu. It’s useful and funny with images of a cute male pig trying to kiss a tall, blushing pig lady with a pink flower in her hair, who, sadly, comes down with the flu.

It goes over healthy habits, and what to avoid — all while rocking out to the catchy beat. The main star – a pig in a red and black cap – dodges the obstacles: sick patients near his house, sneezers on the streets. He jams to some good tunes on his headphones to keep his stress levels low. And, in the end, he isn’t “defeated by the virus.”

China's Latest PSA: Cartoon Pigs Rap to Swine Flu Beat (Watch Video)

The cartoon is also very clear to point out the virus comes from America – showing in red arrows how it spreads around the world – though the word used in Chinese is for the continent, not the country.

Here’s a camera captured version in the Shanghai airport, though it’s much more mesmerizing when you’re bleary-eyed and bored awaiting a flight and it’s on its continuous cheery circuit.


The Wall Street Journal also has a blog discussing the implications of the very clearly emphasized American origins of the virus with a good downloadable file.

Photos in Shanghai Airport by Kellie Schmitt

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