Gay Marriage is Good for Kids: Scott Brown, Listen Up!

Gay Marriage is Good for Kids: Scott Brown, Listen Up!

So, last week? Not my favorite week. Here I was, living my quiet liberal life in my funky progressive town, while all political hell broke loose around me. Not only did Scott Brown (whom my friend Julie will only refer to as “that porn guy”) become my new junior senator, but the Supreme Court decided to grant Citibank the same Constitutional rights that my crazy neighbor down the street enjoys. Sometimes it feels to me like the only difference between Citibank and my crazy neighbor is about thirty-five gazillion dollars. Oh, and the ability to bankrupt me. But I digress.

The good news, I think, is this new case pending in California: Perry vs. Schwarzenegger. A lesbian couple is suing the state of California to reinstate marriage equality, which the state had for about five minutes. I wish my that porn guy would take a closer look at that case, as it is really inspiring in a number of ways. For one thing, did you know the case is being argued by the two lawyers who were on opposing sides in Bush v. Gore, some ten years ago? Political differences notwithstanding, these guys are on the same side here; they both recognize the inherent unfairness in denying marriage rights to certain citizens based on sexual orientation. The case is almost sure to appear before the Supremes eventually, and once it does, there’s potential to create marriage equality for the entire country in one fell swoop.

The main argument that the opposing side has, it seems, is that gay marriage somehow damages children. Back in 2008, commercials for Prop 8 mostly focused on how marriage equality might addle young minds. Luckily, here in Massachusetts we’ve been acting as guinea pigs for the last six years or so, and the preliminary data is out. Abbie Goldberg, a researcher at Clark University in Worcester, MA, has written a book that’s received a lot of press in a recent months for saying, basically, what people here in MA could have told you already: Children of gay parents have it no better or worse than children of straight parents. We’ve all got our mishegas, and we’re all essentially okay. (Well, almost all of us. Some of us try to offer up our daughters during our acceptance speeches in a really creepy way. I’m not saying . . . I’m just saying.)

Will somebody please tell that porn guy — I mean, my new senator — about Goldberg’s research? Even though he’s right here in Massachusetts himself, he seems to be operating under some misinformation. Perhaps he needs to get out of his truck and get a little fresh air?

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