Was Michael Jackson’s Sex Life Real?

Was Michael Jackson's Sex Life Real?

Moonwalking back through Michael Jackson’s spacey sex life

Michael Jackson lived a life of mystery and second only to the intrigue of the Elephant Man skeleton and military uniform fetish, was the unfathomable black hole of Michael Jackson’s sex life. As the June 25 anniversary of his death approaches, it’s a good time to reflect on his career, his music, and on what exactly was taking place between the E.T. The Extraterrestrial sheets at the Neverland Ranch. So let’s rewind the Michael Jackson sex tape.

One thing is for sure. Jackson’s sex life is complicated. Two sexual abuse accusations (complete with hours of testimony and countless creepy court sketches) failed to clarify his relationships with young boys, including a 13-year-old Corey Feldman who said Jackson showed him pictures of “venereal diseases and the genitalia” but never touched him. On the opposite end of the gender spectrum, Jackson was involved with some of the biggest little girls in Hollywood including Maureen McCormick who played Marcia Brady on the Brady Bunch.

Was Michael Jackson's Sex Life Real?

The Brady Bunch meets The Jackson Five

In her tell-all book which featured the usual 70s starlet escapades (cocaine binges, hook-ups with Greg Brady) McCormick described dating Michael at the height of his Jackson Five fame. “Once we went ice-skating and he held my hand… I wondered if he might try to kiss me but he didn’t. After another outing, he did give me a kiss good-bye. But it was only a gentle peck on the cheek.” In an interview about her book, she told CNN “To hang out with Michael Jackson, and go ice skating with him was, you know, wow. Just an unbelievable thing.” But given the gamut of Jackson’s relationships, this was probably among the most believable.

Was Michael Jackson's Sex Life Real?

Michael & Tatum

Take Tatum O’Neal, who he accused of trying to steal his virginity when she was 12… and he was 17. As Jackson put it to documentary filmmaker Martin Bashir in 2003, “I lay on the bed and she slowly walked over and she touched the button on my shirt to open it,” but he covered his face and she left. “She knew I was too shy for it. I was frightened. I was afraid,” continued Jackson. Tatum remembered things a little differently saying “He has a very vivid imagination.” “Michael did come over to my house when my father (Ryan O’Neal) was home, but at 12 years old, there was no way I was capable of being as mature or as sophisticated as he claimed I was.” Then again, this is Tatum O’Neal we’re talking about. Four years later they went on what Jackson described as his “first date.”

Was Michael Jackson's Sex Life Real?

Getting frisky with Brooke Shields

Jackson dated Brooke Shields in the 80s and during a 1993 interview, he told Oprah Winfrey that “[He] always had a crush on her.” They dated for almost two years but even then, people never quite believed it was true. After the Oprah interview, Shields called their relationship “platonic” on Entertainment Tonight, but quickly added, “to call it platonic makes it seem less than it is,” which is what? A Shields publicity ploy disguised as a Jackson beard?

And that’s not even counting his mysterious second marriage to his skin-care specialist and their two lovely children! One leaked Michael Jackson sex tape could have settled this mystery forever, but it seems like that metaphorical tape may be buried with the man himself. We’ll have to settle for the wild speculation that will surely live on like a Thriller zombie.

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