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Frankie Muniz and Why Celebrities Die of Overdoses

Irad Eyal |
Crazy or Crazy in Love? When Frankie Muniz called 911 last week to report that his girlfriend had punched him in the face while he was sleeping, he instantly regretted picking u... ...read more

I Can’t Believe She’s Going Out With Him (Again)

Irad Eyal |
During the making of the Godfather films, Diane Keaton and Al Pacino were a couple both onscreen and off. It seems that every time they made a new Godfather movie, Keaton and ... ...read more

Top 5 Reasons Lindsay Lohan is Probably Getting It On in Prison Right Now

Irad Eyal |
Is Lindsay Lohan Having a Prison Affair? If pornography has taught us anything, it’s that crazy, erotic stuff goes down inside women’s prisons. The beds are hard, the meals a... ...read more

Was Michael Jackson’s Sex Life Real?

Irad Eyal |
Moonwalking back through Michael Jackson’s spacey sex life Michael Jackson lived a life of mystery and second only to the intrigue of the Elephant Man skeleton and military un... ...read more

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