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Unpaid Intern Won’t Stop Making Awkward Slavery Jokes

Joe Lazauskas Joe Lazauskas |
Sources inside Manhattan media startup Millennial Memes report that an unpaid intern, Jake Franklin, won’t stop making awkward slavery jokes. The NYU recent grad, who recently ... more

Nation Furiously Masturbating to New Wendy’s Girl

Cousin Moishy |
A new Nielsen study reports that the citizens of the United States of America are furiously masturbating to the new Wendy’s girl. more

Google’s Bermuda Tax Dodge

Joshua Kranz |
How Google Became the Michael Jordan of Sheltering Income What do many of America’s tech giants have in common? They’re really good at exploiting international tax l... more

Online Advertising Explained

Fred Wilson |
How the Online Advertising Business Has Evolved   My friend Darren Herman helped me think about this post. He sent me this deck along with some thoughts. This slide from Da... more

Another Way to Think About the Economic Recovery

Joshua M. Brown |
How It Could Have Gone Much Differently for the U.S.   Hi, I’m Josh Brown. You might know me from such shows as The Fast Money Halftime Report on CNBC or Breakout! wi... more
6a00d83451b2c969e2017ee5289091970d-500wi Gets an Upgrade

Fred Wilson |
Social music gets even better with the new   The folks at Turntable aren’t calling it 2.0, but it sure feels like a massive upgrade to me so that’s... more

Why I Love Boxee TV

Fred Wilson |
Its’s Boxee TV to the rescue… Due to the fact that we are homeless in NYC on account of Sandy, the Gotham Gal decided to take her Thanksgiving on the road this year... more

Can Hurricane Sandy Save the Economy?

Joshua M. Brown |
Hurricane Sandy and the Importance of Jobs I’m of the opinion that four years of writing taxpayer-funded fucking welfare checks and spending trillions on unemployment... more

Hurricane Sandy: When My Street Turned Into a Lake

Fred Wilson |
Why We Left Before Hurricane Sandy Arrived I ended yesterday’s post with this: Hurricane Sandy looks to be coming through NYC at that time and I don’t know what that... more

Why NFL Players Go Broke

Joshua M. Brown |
ESPN’s 30 for 30 Takes on Broke Athletes “By the time they have been retired for two years, 78 percent of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financia... more

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