Romney Family Harlem Shake Video Fails to Go Viral


A still image from the Romney family’s Harlem Shake video

Earlier today Mitt Romney expressed his disappointment that the Romney family Harlem Shake video has failed to catch on. At a press conference outside the family’s Southern California vacation home, Romney said that he expected the Harlem Shake video, in which he appears in his boxers, to take the Internet by storm. “We wanted to show the world that the Romney family knows how to relate to regular Americans,” Romney explained, adding that, in retrospect, he probably should not have used the video to give a speech clarifying his positions on taxes and the turmoil in Syria.

Said Romney, “If I could do it over, I would not have talked about all the death and destruction in the Middle East.”


Buzz Feldman
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  • Rogatien Vachon

    What a tool. Why don’t you dig up Jimmy Carter and help him build an f’n mud hut someplace.

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