Blade Runner: What Really Is “The Best A Man Can Get?”

Gabriel Wilson |
After a short sabbatical from Bathroom journalism while I attempted to live solely inside my bathroom like the unnamed Parisian in Jean–Philippe Toussaint’s wonderful Novella... more

The Japanese Teach Us How To Use The Bathroom

Gabriel Wilson |
Not only have the Japanese brought us the most technologically advanced toilet the world has ever seen (see: Where is My Japanese Toilet), they are also at the forefront of... more

Toilet Time: Dispatches From The World Of Bathrooms

Gabriel Wilson |
A German company has come up with a rather inventive way to keep drunks off the road. “Piss Screen” consists of a pressure sensitive inlay within urinals allowing a player’... more

The 11 Best Bathroom Moments On Film

Gabriel Wilson |
Why does the bathroom resonate so strongly on film? Right away, a bathroom scene takes the viewers out of their comfort zones and puts them in a place where they usually find th... more

Best Of The Web – Bathroom Graffiti

Gabriel Wilson |
“When in doubt, take a bath.” -Mae West Everyone fancies himself a bathroom philosopher. Whether it’s formulating bathroom etiquette (e.g. “If it’s brown flush it do... more

Where Is My Japanese Toilet?

Gabriel Wilson |
New Yorkers ask for a lot: luxury apartments in Manhattan, sprawling summer homes in the Hamptons, a baseball team with a $200 million dollar payroll, three terms for the mayor.... more

Porcelain Jungle: The Best and Worst New York City Bathrooms

Gabriel Wilson |
I consider myself a bathroom aficionado. How I came to hold the crown of “king of bathrooms” stems from my perfect pedigree. A Roth-ian Jewish upbringing, coupled... more

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