Baseball By The Numbers

The Hall of Fame and these Giants

Lincoln Mitchell |
The San Francisco Giants World Series win was different this year than in 2010. In 2010, it brought tears to my eyes as my friends, brother and I, spoke to each other over the ... more

A New Identity for the Giants and their Fans

Lincoln Mitchell |
In 1987, the San Francisco Giants won the NL West and secured their first post-season berth in 16 seasons. It was also the first time the Giants had made it to the playoffs sin... more

Don Larsen, Manny Mota and the 1962 Giants

Lincoln Mitchell |
As the New York Yankees are trailing the Detroit Tigers 2-0 in the ALCS it is unlikely that the Yankees will meet the San Francisco Giants in the World Series. As a lifelong fa... more

Farewell to ‘Up and In’

Lincoln Mitchell |
A couple of years ago shortly after receiving an iPad for my birthday in early December I decided I was going to figure out what this podcast thing was all about. I naturally be... more

Melky Cabrera and Baseball’s New Steroid Problems

Lincoln Mitchell |
Melky Cabrera’s suspension for the use of testosterone is a blow to the pennant hopes of the San Francisco Giants as Cabrera was having a great year and had been a key ingredien... more

Is Buster Posey Having the Greatest Season Ever for a Giants Catcher?

Lincoln Mitchell |
In 1946, Johnny Mize, immediately after returning from military service in World War II, resumed his job as the first baseman for the New York Giants where he put together a gre... more

What is Really Baseball’s Best Rivalry?

Lincoln Mitchell |
As the Yankees and Red Sox play a series at Yankee Stadium this week, the talk of baseball’s biggest rivalry will be in the air again. This assertion is rarely challenged, but i... more

Bill James Gets It Wrong on Penn State

Lincoln Mitchell |
Following the 1983 season, when I was in high school, my hometown team, the San Francisco Giants, lost Darrell Evans to free agency and the Detroit Tigers. Evans had been a main... more

Maybe Melky Is Actually A Good Ballplayer

Lincoln Mitchell |
Melky Cabrera is one of the more unlikely All Star Game MVPs in recent memory. Cabrera was the starting center fielder, a position he had not played all year, in the All Star Ga... more

Baseball’s Best Boring Team

Lincoln Mitchell |
This has been an exciting season to be a New York Mets fan. Despite losing one of their best players, Jose Reyes, to the division rival Florida Marlins, the Mets have played wel... more

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