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Why Derek Jeter’s Lousy Fielding Deserves the Gold Glove

Jonah Goldwater |
The Case for Jeter’s Gold Glove Nobody votes for who lead the league in home runs. Nobody votes for who had the most strikeouts. The numbers tell you that. Fielding stats... more

Why the Lying of Roger Clemens is Worse Than Living in Pittsburgh

Jonah Goldwater |
Here’s a parody of a debate over crime between a liberal and a conservative. Conservative: Blame the criminal. Liberal: Blame society. Here’s a parody of a debate ov... more

Manny Existing Manny

Jonah Goldwater |
Manny Ramirez returns to Fenway Park tonight, after being traded by the Boston Red Sox to the Los Angeles Dodgers on July 31, 2008. Despite Manny’s immense popularity over... more

Is Stephen Strasburg the Pope of Washington?

Jonah Goldwater |
Stephen Strasburg Announced his Presence with Authority Fairness is when the same rules apply to everyone. Greatness, in the minds of some, is deserving of special treatment.... more

Umpire Jim Joyce’s Bad Call Ruins Perfect Game, Turkish Flotilla, Gulf of Mexico, All Hope

Jonah Goldwater |
It is a time of bad calls. Israel made a bad call this week when it took the bait and violently boarded a flotilla headed for the Gaza Strip. British Petroleum has continued its... more

Omar Vizquel is a Platonic Category, Apparently

Jonah Goldwater |
In the 1990 comedy My Blue Heaven, Steve Martin joked that the difference between a pregnant woman and a light bulb is that “you can unscrew a light bulb.” This past... more

George Will’s Marxist Theory of Baseball

Jonah Goldwater |
Sports fans tend to be Republicans. One could be forgiven for thinking that Pulitzer Prize winning conservative columnist George Will has given them their manifesto. Will’... more

Clay Buchholz Controls the Universe

Jonah Goldwater |
A liquid conforms to the shape of its container; it succumbs to outside pressures. But Boston Red Sox righthander Clay Buchholz remained solid Tuesday night against Toronto; he ... more

Is David Ortiz a Zombie?

Jonah Goldwater |
After a morbid start to the 2009 season- hitting .188 through 49 games- Boston Red Sox DH David Ortiz returned from the dead to lead the American League in homeruns from June 6 ... more

The Five Books of Nomar

Jonah Goldwater |
More than five years after he was unceremoniously dumped by the Boston Red Sox at the 2004 trading deadline, Nomar Garciaparra signed a ceremonial one-day contract with his form... more

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