Dancing With The Stars, Season Finale: And The Winner Is …

Tatiana Keegan |
On Tuesday night’s season finale of “Dancing With The Stars,” the lights will dim, spooky music will play, and the final three contestants – Evan Lysacek... more

Dancing With The Stars, Week 8: Pamela Anderson – “It Ain’t the meat (It’s the Motion)”!

Tatiana Keegan |
In the season premier of “Dancing With The Stars” back in March, Pamela Anderson delivered a sizzling Cha-Cha that promised great things to come. Her technique was n... more

Dancing With The Stars, Week 7: Niecy Nash Makes Even the Argentine Tango funny!

Tatiana Keegan |
We’ve seen just about everything on “Dancing With The Stars” this season – Kate Gosselin’s tantrums, Aiden Turner and Jake Pavelka’s wounded ... more

Dancing With The Stars, Week 6: Erin Andrews and Chad Ochocinco – beware those raging hormones!

Tatiana Keegan |
You may have heard the buzz about rumored┬álove affairs on “Dancing With The Stars” this season – ESPN reporter Erin Andrews has been extremely flirty with Maks... more

Dancing With The Stars, Week 5: The Redemption of Aiden Turner

Tatiana Keegan |
“Dancing With The Stars” is crazy popular for a simple reason: We get to see celebrities for who they really are. When you’re trying to learn the samba or rumb... more

Dancing With The Stars, Week 4: The Power of Story

Tatiana Keegan |
The focus was on storytelling on “Dancing With The Stars” last week, from Niecy Nash’s tale of forbidden love to Buzz Aldrin’s soldier returning home to ... more

Dancing With The Stars, Week 3: Memo to Kate Gosselin, Aiden Turner, and Jake Pavelka – Give In!

Tatiana Keegan |
What’s gotten into the stars? “I’m not asking you – I’m telling you,” barked Jake Pavelka of “The Bachelor” on last week’s... more

Dancing With The Stars, Week 2: Pamela Anderson Knows How to Shake It

Tatiana Keegan |
Monday starts Week 2 of “Dancing With The Stars” but the jury is already in: Pamela Anderson is no Kim Kardashian. After Kim’s appearance in season 7, Chris Ro... more

Dancing With The Stars, Week 1: Advice to Kate Gosselin from Another Ballroom Dancer Mom

Tatiana Keegan |
When Kate Gosselin steps onto the dance floor Monday night for the season premier of “Dancing With The Stars,” she will be lucky to have a great partner in Tony Dovo... more

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