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Leanna Kelly is a California native who survived college in New Jersey and England to get into New York. She enjoys writing, cooking, running, playing piano, and painting when she’s not coloring pictures of Lightning McQueen or singing Disney songs with four-year-olds to pay for her extravagant lifestyle. Send emails  (or photos of adorable baby animals) to, follow her tumblr, or check out her website.

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Why In-Store Shopping Could Be Cool Again

Photo Credit: Orbitz

Target and Best Buy recently announced they’ll be matching online competitors’ prices this holiday season in their latest bid to draw back customers from leading online retailers.

Contrary to what some are predicting, brick and mortars may not be completely doomed. They’re on a mission to more
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The iClassroom: Ready or Not, Here It Comes

Photo Credits: Dead Zone

When I was in elementary school, computers had their own room. By the time Facebook emerged in high school, it was banned. School before college had always seemed anti-social network, anti-tech, projector-obsessed, and hopelessly behind the times.

Well, that’s all about to change.

A recent survey of 883 parents and more
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The Power of the Star: 4 Ways To Spot “Shills”

It's probably not the one you think.

Photo Credit: Tech Spot

More than ever, consumers rely on the power of a review. Even in store, using smartphones while shopping is a growing trend– reviews, price checks, and information about products are just an app (or search) away. Most consumers are more
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#HomelessAndTweetingAboutIt: What Today’s Homeless Really Need

Photo Credit: Postcard Junky WordPress

According to the U.S. Conference of Mayor’s 2008 report, “12 of the 25 [US] cities surveyed reported an increase in homelessness due to foreclosures…” And it’s not slowing down. A 2012 report by the National Alliance to End Homelessness found that “foreclosure activity continued to increase with more
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Apps That Give You Super Powers

So maybe you weren’t born on a different planet with super powers, like that alien Superman (superhero purists, we get it). Maybe you’re more like Batman and you want to become a self-made hero with amazing powers. Choose your dream power below, and download the app that will make it happen. more
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94 Percent Of Us Are Afraid Of Being Stalked By Advertisers…The Other 6 Percent Probably Don’t Know The Tradeoff For “Free” Is Getting Costly

Here's looking at you, Big Brother.

Advertisements are delving deeper into the users’ personal information, attempting to target consumers with ads that are “relevant” to them, based on their online activity. It’s called “Interest Based Advertising,” and it obviously helps advertisers “monetize…[websites] more efficiently.” But is the “better more
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5 Ways Cars Are Turning Into Your Mom

Photo Credit: Metropolis

Remember the first time when teenage-you could finally drive your car without mom in the passenger’s seat, offering her wisdom and advice on driving (read: blood curdling screams)? Well, those days aren’t over. It’s only a matter of time before your car automatically switches off “that garbage” you’ve been more
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Ten Ways Technology Will Revolutionize Air Travel

Now, imagine this, only during a lightning storm. Just kidding.

Unless you’re traveling First Class (or have your own private jet) glamour isn’t exactly a part of the 21st century domestic flight experience. Want two extra inches of leg room? Pay extra for emergency row seats. Free peanuts? more
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The Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Used E-Book Market

It's the principle of the thing.

So you just bought 50 Shades of Grey, and you’re not into it.

“Wait a minute,” you think. “Why shouldn’t I be able to sell this to someone that might actually want to read it—for a bit less than I paid?

Publishers have a more
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The Future of Film After 3D: Simplicity or 4D?

Miss America looks soooo much cooler in 3D.

It seems like it should be the next step in the future of film–making a cinematic escape more like a real-life adventure using 3D technology. But the dismal recent earnings of the US 3D release of Pixar’s Brave prove more

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