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Joshua Kranz

Joshua Kranz is a lawyer and writer.  He lives in Brooklyn.  Sometimes he blogs:

Joshua Kranz Articles
Joshua Kranz |

Google’s Bermuda Tax Dodge

How Google Became the Michael Jordan of Sheltering Income

What do many of America’s tech giants have in common? They’re really good at exploiting international tax laws and loopholes to enhance overall profitability.

We’ve talked about the shenanigans of Microsoft and HP here:

Forget Fairness, Let’s Talk About Stupidity (TRB)

But let’s not leave out more
Joshua Kranz |

A Look Back at KosherFest

Egg rolls beckoned me, and then bruschetta, sausage, dairy-free Napoleons, pickled beets. My hands teemed with sesame seed crackers, vegetable soups, pizza bagels. I sampled fish balls, gluten-free bread, Asian stir fry, vegetable sushi, roast beef. In the next row of booths, I said yes to tofu ice more
Joshua Kranz |

Help! I’m Terrified of Dropping the Torah in a Room Full of Jews

Some people are claustrophobic. Others have a fear of heights. Insects. Injections. The number thirteen. None of these things bothers me. I have only one anxiety disorder: Hagbahphobia, the fear that I am going to drop the Torah in a more

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