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Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson’s full blog can be found here. Bio: I am a VC. I have been for 19 years. I help people start and build technology companies. I do it in NYC, which isn’t the easiest place to build technology companies, but its getting better. I love my work.  I am the Managing Partner of two venture capital firms, Flatiron Partners and Union Square Ventures. I also am a husband and a father of 3 kids. I do that in NYC too. And it isn’t the easiest place to raise a family either. But it’s getting better too. I love my family more than my work. I also love music, art, yoga, biking, skiing, and golf. That’s a lot of interests for a guy who works 70 hours a week and loves his family. But I manage to make it work.

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Online Advertising Explained

How the Online Advertising Business Has Evolved


My friend Darren Herman helped me think about this post. He sent me this deck along with some thoughts. This slide from Darren’s deck is a good place to start this discussion:

It is true that the vast majority of consumer web apps have been and more
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11.28.2012 Gets an Upgrade

Social music gets even better with the new


The folks at Turntable aren’t calling it 2.0, but it sure feels like a massive upgrade to me so that’s what I call it when I talk about the new UI and big rooms concept that Turntable quietly launched yesterday without much fanfare.

Full more
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Why I Love Boxee TV

Its’s Boxee TV to the rescue…

Due to the fact that we are homeless in NYC on account of Sandy, the Gotham Gal decided to take her Thanksgiving on the road this year, out to our beach house on the east end of long island. It was a great idea and starting more

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Hurricane Sandy: When My Street Turned Into a Lake

Why We Left Before Hurricane Sandy Arrived

I ended yesterday’s post with this:

Hurricane Sandy looks to be coming through NYC at that time and I don’t know what that may cause me and my family to be doing at that time. We live right on the Hudson, at the border of Zone more
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Will Android Tablets Overtake the iPad?

Android Tablets Catching Up with the iPad

I saw this in a story I was reading this morning about mobile reading habits:

A year ago, the iPad accounted for 81% of tablets in circulation. That has fallen to 52%, with Android-based tablets grabbing a 48% share of the market. Amazon’s Kindle Fire accounts more
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Amazon and Facebook Phones on Android?

Why a Facebook Phone or Amazon Phone will likely be built on Android, and what it means for developers

Android is fragmented and geting more so. This is a challenge for those that develop on it for sure and has been often cited as a big negative for the Android ecosystem. But more
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In Defense of the Facebook Sell-Off

Of course early investors are going to sell-off some Facebook shares. That’s how venture capitalism works.

There is a lot of sturm und drang out there in the worlds of social media, finacial media, and just plain media about all the lockups coming off and all the insider selling more
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Using Bluetooth at Home

I’ve written a fair bit about how we are using technologies like Bluetooth and Airplay in our homes and cars to connect our tablets and phones to our cars and home entertainment systems.

I’ve thought Airplay was the winning model because Apple is pushing it hard and integrating it into their product more
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Why Romney Didn’t Have a Clean Break From Bain Capital

Are Obama’s Attacks About Romney’s Departure Date From Bain Unfair?

Mitt Romney is taking some flack for continuing to have ongoing involvement in Bain Capital well after he supposedly left the firm for good in 1999. I am not supporting Romney for President as I can’t get comfortable with more
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The Far Center Party

My friend and occasional AVC community member Steve Kane calls himself a member of the Far Center Party. As I watch the two parties and their defacto nominees gear up for another presidential election, I find myself wanting to tune out the whole thing.

I am socially liberal. I was thrilled when more

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