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Eva Kaplan-Leiserson

Eva Kaplan-Leiserson first fell in love with technology playing Oregon Trail on an Apple IIE in the 1980s (a passion for all things Apple remains). Her early participation in social networking included BBSes and online services PC Link and Prodigy in the 80s and 90s. During the dot-com era, Kaplan-Leiserson worked for one of the first online, real-time tutoring companies, which failed so spectacularly that it was featured on Nightline. In search of more stable employment, Kaplan-Leiserson joined the association world and has written about technology for association magazines for the last 10 years. Highlights include spotting and covering the new social media trend in 2003 and developing an e-learning glossary that became an industry standard. She is currently studying creative nonfiction at Johns Hopkins. Email her at, or follow her on Twitter, @evakl.

Eva Kaplan-Leiserson Articles

Facebook and Google: PR Campaign Wasn’t About Privacy (Duh)

So we’ve learned that Facebook contracted with a prominent PR firm to pitch anti-Google stories to the media. OMG. Their defense centered around the privacy issues with a Google service, Social Circles, which apparently uses Facebook data. more

Six Reasons I Won’t Watch YouTube Movies

YouTube is ramping up its offerings to compete with Netflix and Amazon on streaming movies. Today it announced the addition of 3,000 full-length feature films from major Hollywood studios to its movie site. more

Osama Bin Laden News: Twitter for the Win

This is why Twitter is not about what you had for lunch. I learned that Osama Bin Laden was most likely dead on Twitter Sunday night at 10:30 pm, an hour before the President’s speech on television and 15 minutes before CNN confirmed the news. more

Geeky Passover Fun for Anyone

My father is Jewish and my mother is Christian, but it was my mom who sent me this fun video today. It’s so deliciously geek-techy (hitting the highlights of websites and tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Craigslist, Gmail, and Amazon), I think anyone will enjoy it. more

Choosing the Best Social Technology for Your Business

This piece is adapted from 10 Steps to Social Networking for Business by Darin Hartley (ASTD Press, 2010. Disclosure: I worked for ASTD for five years, and Darin was a co-worker.) While I’m finishing up my grad school semester, I’ll be posting some guest-written pieces. If you’d like to contribute, please email me a pitch with the social media topic and why you’re the person to write it at eva[at] more

Top 10 Social Media Steps You Should Take (But I Don’t Have To)

So you’ve been hearing that you need to get involved in social media, but you’re not  sure how to start. Below are what I see as the bare minimum steps. Many of you may be way ahead of me on some of these. I preface this by admitting that I am the proverbial cobbler with shoeless children. Sure, I write about social media, but right now my own efforts are rather lacking. My only excuse: work, school, Faster Times writing (Yes, yes, that’s it. It’s all your fault). more

Japan and Social Media: Truth, Lies, and Consequences

One of the very few bright spots after last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan was the ability for social media to help pass information quickly. But the strength of tools such as Twitter and Facebook in crises can also be a danger. more

Social Media Stars: Washington Post National Innovations Editor and 10,000 Words Founder Mark Luckie

The Poynter Institute named Mark Luckie one of its 35 Influencers in Social Media in 2010. He is the founder of the popular blog 10,000 Words, covering the intersection of technology and journalism, and the author of The Digital Journalist’s Handbook. Luckie recently sold his blog to the parent company of, although he remains its chief writer.

Last year, Luckie also parlayed his blogging and tweeting into a job as National Innovations Editor at The Washington Post. What does that mean, exactly? Read on to find out how he’s helping the Post engage readers with social media, what he thinks the future of social looks like, his tips for selling a blog, and more. more

Best Social Media and Tech Sources: Beyond Mashable

If you read Mashable—and, I hope, me—for your social media fix, you’re off to a good start. But there’s a lot going on in this world, and many other people have excellent info to offer. So I’m going to let you in behind the curtain of the sources I rely on for social media/technology news and commentary. more

Location and Social Media: Your Location Matters, It Matters Not

Location, location, location. It’s the mantra for determining how many bucks you’re going to shell out for your new dream home, but how much does where you are in space really matter in the social media world? I propose that it matters a lot, and it matters not a bit. Simultaneously. more

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