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Alex Crumb

Alex Crumb is a writer that grew up on a dirt road in between two sheep farms, which is both a good thing and a bad thing. Alex learned how to swear by watching ”Blazing Saddles” on a regular basis between the ages of 8 and 25. He majored in English / Creative Writing at Middlebury College in Vermont, where he learned that a broadband Internet connection is a valuable tool for filling his head with useless lies and useful pop culture. He has lived in Boston, Massachusetts for the last three years and misses the mountains and the cold. You can follow Alex on Twitter @GhostLittle_WTF, or reach him via email at

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‘Person of Interest’ Recap (Season 2, Episode 5): Bury The Lede

Save the journalist! Save the election! And don’t bury the lede.

Hey, know what would make this show even better? Another Big Bad! On a show that prides itself in being un-serialized, there certainly is an intricate, villainous haze hanging around our good guys. Baddies in the NYPD. Baddies in the CIA. more
Alex Crumb |

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap (Season 3, Episode 3): The Governator

Guys, meet The Governor, The Walking Dead‘s first post-apocalyptic politician. He’s anti-gun, anti-zombie, and he collects fish tanks.

The Walking Dead demanded that this episode be boring. The first two episodes, as good as they were, serve as a powerful representation that describes a potential version of humanity’s continuation, post-zombies. Rick’s existence more
Alex Crumb |

‘Person of Interest’ Recap (Season 2, Episode 4): Triggerman

Back in the saddle, Person of Interest is fighting the Irish mob and talking more bad code.

After last week, I’m happy to say that this episode had a better handle on what it wanted to do with itself. It had a rather mechanical plot with Irish mobster-types that most folks will more
Alex Crumb |

‘Person of Interest’ Recap (Season 2, Episode 3): Masquerade

It’s a return to formula this week. It’s also a turn to the generic — a rare miss in Person of Interest‘s third episode back.

Ow, ouch, dangit, and goddamn — this episode fell out of a very tall tree and onto a fluffy, moldy pile of medical waste. There was no more
Alex Crumb |

‘The Walking Dead’ Recap (Season 3 PREMIERE): Breaking Into Prison

It’s all riot-zombies, prison-blocks, and women with katana blades in a Walking Dead premiere for the ages.

Whoa, judging by the state of Lori’s pregnancy, they’re maybe 8+ months on from the end of last season. That’s quite the welcome back to The Walking Dead. Remember this show? Remember asking: “Where’s Carl?!”

Remember more
Alex Crumb |

‘Person of Interest’ Recap (Season 2, Episode 2): But Who Is Algernon?

And THAT’s why they banned Flowers For Algernon. Oh, wait, no it isn’t.

I’ve always reached for metaphors when it comes to describing Person of Interest. The show deserves it. I watch a ton of TV in every consumable form (for the love of God, call social services, I’m unfit to take more
Alex Crumb |

‘Person of Interest’ Recap (Season 2 PREMIERE): Suit-Man Rises

Person of Interest is back! How does the season 2 premiere fare?

Sophomore seasons for genre shows are great little things. Person of Interest was an overachiever in its first season, providing a pretty sweet and non-threatening soft-sci-fi procedural, giving Jim Caviezel a lot of room to throw his brooding around, and more
Alex Crumb |

‘Falling Skies’ Recap (Season 2 FINALE): E-Z Bake Cliffhanger

Report card time! Let’s grade how the Falling Skies‘ season 2 cliffhanger worked out.

Wow! That escalated quickly. Oh, to be a rebellious American during an alien invasion. Last week, the 2nd Mass. was enjoying domestic bliss in Charleston’s underground refuge; now, they’re back in the fight, getting ready to go on more
Alex Crumb |

‘Falling Skies’ Recap (Season 2, Episode 9): Cling To Your Guns

Politics and posturing in an underground mall lead to an overthrow of the new American government.

Well, by my watch, the 2nd Mass. was able to enjoy about… 12 hours of domestic bliss before things went terribly, terribly wrong in Charleston. It was very likely that they weren’t going to find instant more
Alex Crumb |

‘Falling Skies’ Recap (Season 2, Episode 8): Bottle Episodes

300 miles to Charleston and 3 different bottle-episodes to keep you entertained. This will end well.

There was a moment in last night’s Falling Skies where Hal and Maggie were driving in the convoy towards Charleston, with Pope riding in the truck-bed, and the kids were gabbing the way that they do more

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