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Adam Baer
Adam Baer

Adam Baer has written for Harper’s, the New York Times, NPR, GQ, Rolling Stone, Atlantic, New Republic, and many other publications. Follow him on Twitter @glassshallot.

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“Cra Cra” Now Official Diagnosis in New DSM (DSM-5)

Among the many changes in the controversial update to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the psychiatry bible now known as the DSM-5, “Cra Cra” (defined as “flat-out crazy,” and pronounced “cray cray”) is now an official diagnosis.

Published since 1952 by the American Psychiatric Association, the DSM has been the mental health community’s chief reference for classifying and treating patients. But a new generation of professionals is leading the charge against “a book more difficult than Ikea instructions,” in the words of successful life coach Toni Pagliarulo, 26, a star on the Bravo series “Long Island Shrinks.” “My clients become close, personal friends,” the expert adds. “As soon as I meet them on Skype and see what they wear, how they talk, I pretty much know what they’re about.” more
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Welcome to HouseMade!

“Welcome to HouseMade! May I shake your hand and build a bond with you, the 15th of God’s children to Make the Right Decision to dine with us tonight? Is that real human skin or a handspun silk glove? Oh, my Maker, it feels soft over those meaty palms.

Well, I hope more
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33-year-old Writer Cops to “Occasional” Cash From Parents

Today, a 33-year-old Los Angeles man, the marginally known fiction writer Jonathan Grossbard, acknowledged that he and his wife — a 31-year-old philosophy doctoral student named Nina Jumarier-Grossbard — accepted periodic cash donations from the man’s Dix Hills, N.Y. parents. This news confirms rumors previously posted on Facebook 10 days ago, more
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In Search of Seth Cohen: The O.C., Pelican Hill, and Pop Culture as Vacation

Reading aloud David Foster Wallace’s “Shipping Out” essay about the hilarity of luxury cruises–on the pool deck of a comically “luxurious” cruise ship, within earshot of nouveau-riche passengers who could serve as characters in the piece. Spending the weekend at a midcentury treehouse in the Hollywood Hills while listening to every song a rockstar has written in–or about–Laurel Canyon. Standing on a cliff in Massa Lubrense, Italy, the converging winds pushing and pulling at your limbs, just above Punta Campanella: the physical beach, near the Amalfi Coast, with a view of Capri, Ischia, and Proscida, where the Sirens charmed Ulysses in Homer’s Odyssey. more
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New York State of Mine: How to Avoid “Home for the Holidays” Syndrome in Hotels

Slow-roasted chicken. Taking a shower with your father shooting questions at you through the bathroom door. Twin trundle beds, on wheels, on a waxed wooden floor, for you and your wife to push (and try to keep) together during a hot night in your childhood bedroom.

There are myriad attractive reasons to more
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High Flying: How We Got Marijuana through JFK

Readers of my work may know that as a cancer survivor I have taken to dabbling in necessary medical tourism — the trendy practice wherein a lucky patient visits different cities, and sometimes nations, for required care. Of course, unlike many others, I’m still here to tell those tales, which include more
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How to Win “The Silent Battle” and More Strategies for Improving Your Flights

Earlier today, Reuters published some light fare about airline etiquette, positing a few initial questions:

“Who owns the middle seat arm rests on an airplane, really? How do you break away from the marathon talker in seat 12E? And what do you do, if anything, about the angelic-looking child kicking the back more
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Don’t Travel to Sea World

I don’t have much more to say, except that in addition to promoting animals in captivity Sea World now blames the recent orca trainer attack on the trainer and her ponytail!

Or so says Earth Island Institute:

SeaWorld is blaming the victim — their trainer who let her ponytail swing into the water more
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Rejected Hotel Names

Today, @Gadling cracked me up with their latest rejected hotel name: “Red Rufie Inn.” I’ll add one in bad taste: “Sodomy All-Suites.”

Do your worst, commenters, and hit us up @FasterTravel. more
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Travel Tunes: Road to Nowhere/David Byrne

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