Gay Gynecologist Just In It to Help Women

phoenix-gay-doctorsIn what’s being reported as a first of its kind case for a man, Birmingham gynecologist Raymond Miller is said to have gone into gynecology for no reason other than to help women lead long healthy lives.


“When I first heard, I couldn’t believe it,” said colleague Steve Wilson, “but it really doesn’t seem to be about looking at tits all day for him.” Added Wilson, “It only began to make sense when I learned he was gay.”


At an interview at his office, Miller said that he finds all the attention amusing. “Look, I get it,” said Miller, “If I were a urologist, I’d be copping feels right and left.” Miller, looking suddenly perplexed, added that, in retrospect, he really should have gone into urology.

Buzz Feldman
Buzz Feldman is a writer and blogger in Brooklyn. more


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